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  1. Very nice job and well thought out. Is the sand for extra weight or sound reduction?
  2. Weighing in at 157# so far. I just picked up a piece of 1018 cold role 4"x4"x8" for the horn.
  3. In a couple of days I'll take some pitchers of what I've got going on and post them. Feedback is very welcome.
  4. It all sounds like good advice. I'm gonna use my hunk of steel as is for now and see how it goes. I am 100% sure this thing is mild steel. The reason for the 9018 instead of Stoody 1105 or something similar is that I have 50# of 9018 on hand. I have some ruff sawed oak 8"x 9"x12' I'm going to build my stand out of and then I plan to build a propane fired forge. Thanks for all the sound advice and I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.
  5. I am just starting out and in the process of building an anvil. I am using a chunk of steel that was a counter weight off a cherry picker. I know mild steel can't be hardened but I was thinking about using 9018 welding rod to face the top to make it tougher. Anybody think this would work or have a better idea?
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