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So Harbor Freight says they have a "cast steel" anvil now.

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Good Morning All, 

I remember some time ago there were posts about HF cast steel anvils (Russian made I think) but by that time I only saw the cast iron ASOs at HF. I wonder if anyone has seen one in the store. I will be going by HF this weekend to see if they have one in stock. Not so much that I want one just want to see what it looks like. 

The DOYLE™ 65 lb. Cast Steel Anvil is constructed from premium cast steel for high hardness, strength, and durability while providing up to 80% rebound. The 50 sq. in. face provides ample surface area for shaping heated metal.
3/4 in. hardy hole
3/4 in. pritchel hole
7.1 in. x 3.7 in. horn
80% rebound

Made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

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Looks interesting. Not identical with the Acciaio/Vevor/etc anvils one sees on Amazon, but quite similar in both design and price.


A few immediate thoughts:

  1. The horn is already ground smooth, which is a big improvement over the Acciaio.
  2. The pritchel hole is in a much better place than half-on/half-off the transition to the horn.
  3. The 60 lb weight is just fine for light-duty work and beginners.
  4. The price is comparable to Amazon.
  5. If you can go to the store (and there are a lot of places that have a HF), you can actually see the anvil that you yourself are getting, without having to gamble on whether or not you'll get a decent one in the mail.

All told, this looks like a pretty good thing on the face of it. I'd have to look at one in the store to get a better idea, but I'm glad to see another good option out there.

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This anvil has definitely piqued my curiosity as well.  Don't need one though.   Christ Centered Iron Works showed some pretty decent rebound on that with his ball bearing test.

 Much like my Mr. Volcano forge, if this is a better-than-average quality tool at a really good price, this could be a great deal for a beginner.   With the aftermarket on used anvils still pretty high right now, good time to bring to market.   If anyone here ends up buying one, I would love to know your thoughts.

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Be wary I remember a HF employee telling me that their anvil marked Cast Iron was actually made from steel.  They didn't know the difference!  I have also run into anvils branded Serious Steel IIRC; but besides the 'brand name' they were made from cast iron.

I'm going with improvised anvils for US 20 cents a pound at the scrapyard.

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So the beat the thing like it owed them money and missed a payment. 

It looked and sounded like an improvement over the cast iron ASO. 

Like this one that included some type of gap filler found when cut in half. 


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On 3/17/2023 at 6:35 AM, eseemann said:

(Russian made I think

I have a 55 pound Russian made anvil that has a cast iron base with a thick hardened steel face. Bought it from Race Bros Farm & Home around the turn of the century. It's held up very well for a traveling anvil.


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