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    Ft Wayne IN, USA Fenris Forge LLC
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    Bladesmithing, Jujitsu


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    Ft Wayne Indiana, USA
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    Father of 2, Grandfather of 2
  • Interests
    Bladesmithing, Jujuitsu
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About Me

My day job is as an Electrician.   I love the Martial Arts and hold a 5th Dan in no Tora Jiujitsu. I also have cross trained in other Martial Arts along the way.

I stated smithing as a hobby over 30 years ago because of an interest in Swords, and little money to buy them.  so I speak from experience when I tell people start with the basics when looking into blade work.  I can be very direct and quite blunt when I post,  so don't take it too personally, I still love you :)

See my website at  http://www.fenrisforge.com


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