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    Bladesmithing, Jujuitsu
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  1. Steve Sells

    I’m new

    Start here.
  2. no need for 80 when you have 36 &120 180 is close enough to 220 so forgot that one also, tho actually I dont use 180 I just use the 220 Same for 320. no need as 180 to 400 covers it, Just because a grit is made by someone does not mean we need to use it
  3. Steve Sells

    PBS arts show

    they have good editing software
  4. Steve Sells

    PBS arts show

    lets see if this link works any better for our non USA members
  5. Steve Sells

    Forged In Fire Tests

    tempering is a heat treatment, we try to use correct terms here, the show lets us see hardening, and the tempering is off air... who really wants to watch metal just sit there
  6. Steve Sells

    Disc and belt brands.

    there is a full list of variouos places to buy in
  7. Thats ok marc1 maybe someday you will learn how to make a proper knife and you will understand
  8. hard to make a business of smithing if you arent already smithing those items you plan to sell, or with out a client base, Its not like opening a gas station where people just show up and throw money at you for being there
  9. cant list your profits because I have no clue how long it takes you to make something, what your overhead will be, or the quality of your work
  10. Steve Sells

    PBS arts show

    Its just a 30 minute show. My section starts at 13:18 in case anyone wondered what I look and sound like. I got a hair cut this year.
  11. Steve Sells

    Alternative to 15n20 for Mosaic Damascus

    L6 is 2% Ni I buy in 1 inch rounds form crucible (rounds only) because their melt has .30% Moly., the carpenter melt is available in sheets/bars but has only .10% Moly
  12. Steve Sells

    Bitluminus and anthracite combination

    second thing is to remove most of that coal, there is no reason for that many pounds of coal to be in the fire pot. Waste of fuel and a fire hazard
  13. Steve Sells

    Knife won't harden.

    playing around wont help either dunk it ot dont, if oil doesnt work then use brine, temperatures and methods are explained in the HT sticky, if it wont harden in water then its not hardenable steel, could have been case harden or work hardened steels.
  14. Steve Sells

    Forging equipment and tools

    What does this have to do with sculpture or carving? I will relocate it, try reading this before posting more
  15. Steve Sells

    How to store etching acid?

    read an story about a man that used a mason jar to store his Hydrofluoric acid, left quite a mess on the floor later.