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  1. Steve Sells

    hardening fire strikers

    It is not possible to temper in water it wont get hot enough
  2. Steve Sells

    Multiple tuyeres

    Thanks, I got the basic plans for the brick work from Jeremy K
  3. Steve Sells

    Multiple tuyeres

    I have a 1 inch diameter pipe for a 30 inch long trough tuyere, I have 3/16 inch holes along it to allow air to exit evenly one end is capped. The other end has a 90 degree fitting with a flare that matches up with my normal tuyere opening of the bottom blast. Since my forge top is 30 inch by 60 inch 3/8 thick diamond plate, it not only makes a good work table, it also doubles as deck for a trough forge when needed to heat long section for heat treating or large bends
  4. Steve Sells

    Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    me favorite question from people .. Is that real fire?
  5. Steve Sells

    First time

    clamps like this
  6. Smelting Aluminum is done with an electric arc furnace. But getting the correct answers usually starts with asking the correct questions, you didn't say where you are getting the bauxite for smelting or how you plan to dispose of the fluoride waste, those are serious problems to consider
  7. we have a local steel mill that buys up everything, only one scrap place will sell to us, the rest are already under contract
  8. sell to scrap yard at 20 cents pound, and while there buy more the correct size at 35 cents
  9. Steve Sells

    Anvil Horn Casting

    You dont need a London pattern shape to forge. not sure where you are in the 150 member countries that call IF home, so I wont bother listing places near me that you can get them, but I call your attention to the thread on improvised anvils here
  10. Steve Sells

    Leaf spring making from mild steel?

    I will relocate this to the knife section, to keep things clearer
  11. Steve Sells

    Stock for making axes?

    Just a wall hanger if it doesnt have a bit inserted in that 4130
  12. Steve Sells

    Stock for making axes?

    what steel do you think you need to use?
  13. Steve Sells

    New to this. Bought a devil Forge

    why are you using Oxygen? just use atmospheric air
  14. STOP plaster of paris may be fine for lead and tin, but not anything like bronze or copper read more before building