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  1. I have my own I published in my book, but James Hrisoulas once posted this flux recipe: 5 parts Anhydrous Borax 2 parts powdered Boric Acid 1 part powdered iron oxide 1/2 part Flourspar 1/4 part Sal Ammoniac This stuff sticks most anything together but the flourspar can kill you so read the MSDS
  2. open minded has nothing to do with it, what did you try to do to get it to weld? If you refuse to tell me how your trying to forge weld I cant help
  3. Think there is no Oxygen in air or in rust? Rust is either Fe2O3 or Fe3O4 and Thomas already covered air. LOL I just love how some people join just to spout off nonsense I suggest you stop listening to Peter&Pete as well, unless you need a good laugh
  4. This is a world wide forum with members from over 150 countries, If you want to ask that again with real information, starting with what country you're in, then you have a possibility of getting a useful answer. Just stating a county means nothing by itself
  5. If the tank is freezing up it is because you are drawing off gas faster than it was designed for. If that is happening you need a larger tank. that is the only safe way to address it. no matter what some myths state, There is a pinned thread about this here:
  6. don't you realize this is a world wide forum we don't even have a clue to what counry your in
  7. I disagree about spark testing, because that is not best it is only a educated guess. A chemical analysis like Gas Chromatography is the best way, he did say he has a lab
  8. "the metal" is not telling us anything, and a dremel isnt doing anything for working on a cannon, but will be nice for cleaning up Chess pieces so to answer your detailed question: Get the thing to make the metal look like you want
  9. shape what, and grind what with what rotary tool?
  10. I received a request to delete this entire thread because its gone on far enough and those involved now understand the eye protection issues. It wont be removed, because this is not a one-to-one conversation, this is world wide and people come here to learn, this is an issue that people need to be aware of, not just today but in the coming tomorrows as well. so this thread stands as is