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  1. Thank you. Im all for honour not pride. I will correct myself. I will check that out.
  2. Thank you. I forge with love. I hope u the best as well.
  3. Im new to the net bro. Iv been forging and thought i can get tips here. For Steve . he should simply not reply. Im not going to let someone talk down just bc their experience or knowledge. Thank you. Im new to this net stuff. Ill be more clear. But if someone is rude to me . idc who they arr or how old they are. You earn respect. Ill def. Keep experimenting
  4. Did u know being rude causes grief . your that same rude guy from before. Why is it hard to be polite and helpful . u act like u xxxx gold. Thanks for the info. Ill keep doing my research
  5. I dont think thats true. After tempering a rasp it changes color. I just want to see how yellow the rasp should be. Im not trying to be rude. Im avoiding the rude old guys commenting on this post earlier.
  6. Anyone has a picture of a tempered rasp? Simple question. If this confuses you Dont reply.
  7. I got you. I had no idea this would be worldwide. Before i post another question ill have the proper terminology . thank u for the reply
  8. Iv done alot of research. Made alot of blades. All worked well just had 2 the broke and was wondering if there were some better tips. But thank u sir. Im 30 yrs old.
  9. Im using an oven at the moment. I wait untill it reaches 435° before placing in. For the measurement system. I dont use any. What do u recommend
  10. I want to see actual results. What color should the blade 1095 steel be. Gold .or yellow straw then iv seen blue. I temper at 435° for 1 hour and get a golden color.
  11. What color should the blade be And how long should the blade stay in the oven if at 435°
  12. Hello. U have pix of your setup? With the sand? Do u happen to have a tempered 1095 blade. Id like to see the color. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Email removed
  13. May u email me a pic your heat treated rasp color. I couldn't see them here email address removed per TOS Id like to see how yellow the rasp should be as well as a 1095 steel please
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