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    Collecting and using old wood working and metal machinery pre 1920, as well as blacksmith equipment. I love old iron; anything that ran off of a line shaft.

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  1. That vise looks similar to a Stephens patent vise.
  2. That is a steam hammer. There is one similar to it at the Brooks, OR engine showgrounds. Is the anvil with it? Jake
  3. I would have an interest in taking on this project if you decided you wanted to skip. I know of one other hammer like this, except it is probably a few years earlier. You can see that this must have been a common problem with the guides blowing out on these hammers.
  4. Yes, Hay Budden anvils are nice. The same day I also bought dad a nice condition 363 Lb. Trenton and a beautiful 5'x5' platen table. He was real happy when he saw the load on the trailer. Jake
  5. Thank you gentleman. I will pass the word on to dad. He does not own a HB and think he will be happy to know he now does. All the best, Jake
  6. I recently bought this anvil for my dad. It looks like an english made anvil, but am not positive. All I have found on it are two 2s. Nothing else- Do any of you have any thoughts on the maker? Not really that important I guess, as it is in descent shape and has a good rebound. All the best, Jake
  7. That anvils is made by trenton w/ an acme logo over it. The diamond is a dead giveaway, but on this anvil you can actually see the words trenton inside the diamond. Jake
  8. Mudbugone, thanks for finding the drawings, ad, and picture. All three will help when I am restoring the hammer. And yes, I am sure the wood arm is a replacement. I will try to get a close up shot of the spring mounting this weekend. Take care, Jake
  9. Here you go. This is nearly an identical hammer but by a different maker. Pull the handle and the stroke is adjustable, hits harder or lighter. http://books.google....9%2C1277&edge=0
  10. I am pretty sure that it has a stroke adjustment too. It originally came with a handle that would be able to adjust the stroke on the run. I know of another blacksmith who has one and have to get some measurements and detailed pictures from him so I can fabricate them.
  11. I can't believe this is my first post in 7 years of being a member. I joined this forum when I was in high school and was always into old iron and blacksmith equipment. You see, my father raised me with old iron in my blood. He always loved blacksmithing even when he was my age and before he got married. He passed that down to me now- I too love blacksmith equipment and line shaft stuff. He has always had a complete shop from the time I remember. He just never had time to use it working all the over time, and trying to keep the family under a roof. Now he is getting more into it because of me and my brother. I recently scored a helve hammer and a Champion no. 203 drill press. I just thought I would share some pictures with you guys. I already have a common sense no 2 so I am not sure if I need the helve hammer, but I am still undecided. It is a 40 lb. model. They both need some work of course, but they shouldn't take a whole lot to get running. I am glad that the wood beam is still ok, as I thought I was going to have to replace it. The helve hammer has been stored inside a barn for pretty much its whole life. God Bless and Happy Holidays, Jake.
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