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  1. Good evening, This is unrelated to this specific post as I could not find a separate post for my question. I've just won a Champion 400 blower at an auction but it doesn't have the counterweight ball for the handle. Does anyone have a spare from an old blower they arent using??? Thank you all for your time. Scott.
  2. I knew the 125 was the weight. I didnt know what the 22 would be. There are a couple numbers in the front but they are so faint. I know there are more on foot in under the horn but I cannot make them other than 23, but there is space on either side of those two numbers. Thanks anyways, I knew without having those it would be difficult.
  3. I'm trying to load them, sorry. Everytime I do it says it failed. I'll keep trying. Any suggestions on how to fix that? The 22 is marked on the back leg.
  4. Can someone please help me out. I can only identify the "22" on the back and then the HB in the front with 125
  5. Good morning. I am having trouble figuring out where to start with this. I was given an old Buffalo Forge from a family friend and I'm stuck with this Clinker Breaker. I don't know if its salvageable but I'm mainly seeking advice on possible replacement, any help would be very much appreciated. Scott A.
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