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  1. ceas65

    wrights vise

    jaws are 5 inch
  2. ceas65

    wrights vise

    wanted to know if anyone could hazard a guess as to the date, or tell me how to find the date of this "new" vise. there is a small crack in the front of the box, should i get it welded? cut it off? or leave well enough alone ? Finally , whats the best way to get the off-set in the jaws back into alignment ?
  3. excellent vid !!! nice to see clear, accurate work ..done right the first time ! too often videos will just let things pass with " that's not exactly right ... but you get the idea " thanks
  4. sry ... i have found them ... i heard about the salvage issue... i am waiting for the crew to get this far up ( the tracks are 50 feet from the house ) i have them piled up in little deposits along the way ... i'm not a fan of stealing either .. if i can get an OK from a crew chief i'll take what i can use and i'd be more than willing to re-pay the kindness in some way ie: 6 pak ... or fresh coffee for the crew ... what ever the crew chief thinks acceptable - sry just excited about the find and the potential, wasn't being articulate enough as to intent
  5. today was awesome !!Went with the wife out for a walk (VBG) down the RR tracks , hoping to find a couple spikes .... WOW close to 200 lbs of spikes and chunks of broken steel ... . from the markers on the track, and the RR wagon full of ties ... looks like they are redoing the line... gunna talk to the crew see if a piece of track doesn't get left left behind ! ( now where did i leave that 6-pak) :unsure:
  6. and i thought the wife using my primary wine fermenting vat to clean the car was bad enough ... i feel for ya bro
  7. " hot steel has the right of way " ... i like that one !
  8. being really new to this ... everything i make amazes me ... i'm proud of my lop-sided hook with the crummie twist , and often i'll be hours away from the forge/anvil , i'll look at my hook , turn to the wife and say " you know i really like the way this turned out !" and the plan for a better one starts, i wish i had the skills and equipment to make better things, these will come in time... with good people to push me in the right direction i will get better and make beautiful things , and meet some great people on the way !
  9. i had a similar issue with store return ... the manager at store level said they would not accept return of a defective item , because they had already exchanged it 3 times ... i pointed out that as long as they were sending me junk ... i would return it ... ( it was a large expensive item ) i went to regional and the backed up the store manager. After filling out the paperwork for small claims court, i called national head quarters, long story short ... i had my return picked up by the store in less than 48 hrs with full credit. i also had a long chat with our " better business bureau " they suggested i use more honey ( ultimately less vinegar ) and small claims court. the item which initially cost me $1200, would have cost them about 5 k in court ... but potentially way more in bad PR.
  10. well i took some good advice and got air directly into my fire pot had it rigged out with a valve and waste gate ( that was a dumb idea ) removed all that nonsense and REALLY got a good fire going i filled the bed of the mower deck with clay and added about 1.5 to 2 inches to my fire pot made that "perfect gift " for the wife a pair of spikes with a rope to keep her rows straight in the garden and worked on a new hook ... with a twist also did one half of a pair of tongs with punched hole in them all in all a good day of learning
  11. glenn thx for the tips ... going to try some of them out tomorrow .... working on the air supply as i have only been using an air mattress pump from the top, also going to contact a neighbor about brake disc or drum from a semi ... we'll see will add pics as we can !
  12. you're right Frosty , the only thing that could be better is if i had a clue what i was doing with the metal... but i'll get there !
  13. thanks Ted , it means a lot sharing with the family, we all seem so busy trying to make it work ... we forget about the living while we try to "make a living": and any type of praise for someone of your caliber really makes me want to try again ... and again ...
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