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Found 9 results

  1. Started with 2.5” x 3/4” bar stock. A36. It is hard to tell from the photos, but I notched two 6” pieces of the bar stock. The four short pieces that look like 3/4” square are actually just strips I cut from a scrap piece. I couldn’t find any actual 3/4” square stock. The cut side will face away from the die, leaving a smooth side facing the die. In one of the pictures I have the parts all stacked together as they will be when finished. The 1/4” plate that fits over the die at the top and bottom are not shown. I haven’t cut those yet. I still have the base to cut as well as the hardy shank. My question is how do I weld all this together without binding? Any help will be appreciated. i forget where I found the design. Likely on this site or the BAM site
  2. Alright im new to forges ive only bult one, it was a solid fuel forge made from plaster and sand, to say the least it was cool and fun but i want more power. I want to create a propane furnace that can either be slightly mobile or permanent in my back yard. I have a cement platform and the space to do it and my budget its around 300$. From what ive read the best way to do it is with a combination of kalewool or some insalating fiber and refractory cement, my question is can you guys post pictures of your forges and or give me a run down on how you did yours. My trouble is shaping the outside and inners because you have to line the wool with the cement, also how effectives firebrick in terms of durability and insulation
  3. Greetings! I used to lurk as a unregistered member just gleaning over posts to gather as much basic info/intel as I possibly could before attempting to build a gas forge of my own. This has been by far the most reliable and most informative of any forum/website I've come across. I've finally decided this time I'm going to build myself a decent forge. No more procrastinating and no more putting off what I see as a rewarding hobby. Only this time I plan on building my forge using the best possible instructions as possible and not rely too heavily on the myriad of designs etc, found all over Youtube. Just when I believed I'd come across a decent looking forge assembly, a quick read through the comments of the uploaded video proved otherwise and some comments proved the build was downright dangerous and/or a complete waste of time and resources. Being in Canada has been challenging at best in acquiring half decent materials to start a build from scratch. Even worse when living on an island! My first order of business was tracking down half decent Kaowool (or equivalent) that wouldn't break the bank! I finally decided it would be cheaper (although still much more than expected) to buy a full roll/box from an American company and have it shipped directly to my house rather than buying bits and pieces here and there as a hodge-podge of unknown density fire wool. I now have a full unopened box of 8#, 25 foot roll, (50sq/ft) by 2 feet wide by 1" thick of Inswool Fire Wool. I'm now waiting on some ITC-100 (or equivalent) which I forgot to order at the same time as the fire wool. I plan on building a gas forge and a separate casting furnace. Now time to research and build a few burners in addition to my forge and furnace! At any rate, I'm a retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and have way too much time on my hands not to be doing something I've wanted to do for ages! Thank you folks and I look forward to being a productive and hopefully a contributing member of this great community!
  4. Just getting into all of the wonders of blacksmithing. I'm just playing with RR spikes at the moment; as not to waste any good steel on my mistakes. I've made one knife, and someone at my work asked me to make them something. I was excited to make something for someone, but also terrified for them to see my (lack of) skills I have so far lol. So I decided on going with something that looks much more complicated than it actually is. I know it's justa noob project, but I'm relatively happy with how it turned out. Feel free to let me know what looks wrong, and any advice on it.
  5. Hey fellas. Sooooo I got my propane regulator in the mail today, went down to the hardware store and bought a few parts to go on it and hooked everything up for a test burn. Now, before you all start pounding me over the head with crosspeins for using a five gallon bucket as a forge stand, I know it's not great or smart, this was just a short test, pounded out a little piece of angle iron (at least I think it was angle iron- might have been steel. It was welded onto one of the blocks I purchased with holes drilled in it), just for fun and personal satisfaction. Nothing caught fire, and I was grinning like a madman the whole time. I'm wondering if I ended up setting my burner a little too high in the holder, or maybe even too low. I had a bit of a hard time judging the tuning of the flame. The light outside was probably a factor as well. I might pull the burner out and see if I have an easier time that way. I wasn't originally planning to hammer anything today, which was why my (very temporary) anvil setup looked like this. Not exactly ergonomic working conditions. This pic was taken after I took all my gloves and tools inside and stuff. I'm just letting that piece of metal air-cool. Hand for scale. It got kind of mangled, but since this was literally my first time hammering hot metal, I wasn't particularly bothered that it still just kind of looks like random scrap. I have much to learn and I'm not going to rush into any particularly ambitious projects until I feel like I at least know a little more about what I'm doing. Anyhoo, just excited to share this with you guys. My buddy might be coming up next week and then we can get properly set up and maybe start making some actual tongs to use; those vise-grip pliers are short and really annoying. Cheers fellas.
  6. Hi all, Caladin here, fairly unskilled smith, been dabbling off and on in smithing, welding, knife making and armoring for most of my life...leatherwork,sewing,carpentry basically all kinds of 'making stuff'... Been lurking a while decided I ought to say hello... I live just outside Austin Texas. If anyone could point me towards how to make the jaws on wolf style tongs i`d be mighty grateful. Cal-
  7. I am browsing around at the selection of new anvils that are available for domestic shipping. However, If you know of an anvil (new or used) in or around Oregon that is up for grabs I'd appreciate the info. I live in the Portland area. Beyond an anvil, I need a lot of other stuff as well! I have my hammer, and will be looking to get the other basics here in the next few months as money allows.
  8. New From Canada! Hey, I'm a new (Canadian!) blacksmith. My first project (which I'm working on now) is cold-forging a 3'' iron nail into a small knife. I'm making one for my mother's birthday, which is in August. She doesn't like weapons, so I'm cold-forging a nail into a "letter opener" so she can open her birthday card with it ;) . Anyway, I have a few new person question :P Here they are: -What kind of material/metal should I make my pouring shank out of? -Is it okay to use cheap Dollar Store clay for molds (will be pouring molten metal into it), or should I look into specialty stores or something? -What happens when you just melt a bunch of metals together (iron, brass, copper, steel, etc.)? These are tools I have: -Hammer -Vice-crips -Safety Glasses -Vice These are tools I'm getting: -Anvil (my dad's getting me a chunk of metal from his construction site) -Tongs (making them) -Forge (making one out of a barbeque and cement :D) -Safety equipement (for my school welding course, I may wear it for smithing :D) Also, any helpful tips are highly appreciated! :) -Jordan
  9. Hey Guys just joined I Forge and already have some questions. I have been very, VERY interested in forging swords for a long time. I have recently just purchased first anvil (11" railroad track) , Forge hammer, pliers, forge(grill with shop vac rigged), 25lbs coal, gloves, eye protection and "The Complete Bladsmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection" Just missing one thing... The steel blank... =/ What steel is best to buy and where can I buy it? I found Tool Steel O1 (Oil Hardening) Flat Stock, Ground, 3/16" Thick, 1-1/4" Width, 18" Length on Amazon.com Is this acceptable steel to use? What is a good size blank to purchase for swordsmithing? What should the thickness and width be? Very excited to hear back from some people who have some more knowledge on the subject! Sorry so long!
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