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  1. I am replacing the wood foundation on my Say Mak SM 50 with one made of steel. Does anyone have the dimensions of the locations for the mounting holes? I just want to be sure as I only want to set the machine once. Thanks, Bill
  2. I have heat treated Damascus with silver wire inlay and etched in ferric chloride without any problems.
  3. Ellis Custom Knife Works sells it but it's on backorder now.
  4. Good job Richard, nice and neat! Bill
  5. Nice job Richard! Great piece of equipment to have.
  6. Very nice. What did you use for the etch?
  7. Keep up the good work. Very nice work.
  8. Yes, I meant to grind the teeth.
  9. It wouldn't hurt to grind the edges of the file before forging to remove any stress risers (to reduce the chance of it cracking).
  10. richard, What size fly press do (or did) you have? Bill Behnke