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  1. So, I'm waiting for the epoxy to cure on my first ever knife. The two-day class started us off with 1084 flat bar and showed us how to forge a basic kitchen knife. Overall, the class is fantastic, and I've already signed up for the six-session class for Intro to Blacksmithing, later this fall. Class size is usually six people or less (only four in mine) so the instructor has plenty of time to wander around, check progress, give advice etc. Quick notes on things I've learned: untill you really get close to it, no amount of youtube or forged in fire can prepare you for how xxxxx
  2. Ok, sounds like, with a few basic precautions and a learning curve, I should be ok to turn a corner of my garage into a small workspace. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  3. Can do with the detector, but no heat other than a plug-in space heater and whatever comes off the forge.
  4. I finally have enough tools and such to start putting together a small shop area. If I clear out the corner of my garage (detached two-car), leave the door up for ventilation, etc I should have enough room to start small. I’m intending on getting/building a propane forge and getting a small oxy-acetylene rig to do some light blacksmithing and possibly armorsmithing as well. My question is this, how will Michigan winter treat the tools and equipment? Dead of winter, nearing zero degrees, I’m guessing that I would need to very slowly heat the area and equipment to prevent thermal sho
  5. So, I am now a card-carrying member of MABA! Thanks to basically everyone there, what a welcoming and fun group. I even got the opportunity to make my very first forged thing. Basic and simple, but my very first hammer, forge and anvil project.
  6. Thanks All. I'll definitely be taking advantage of the resources that are showing up in this forum and around my area. The more I look, the more local blacksmiths and metalwork related events are popping up. How have I not tripped over an anvil in the last few years? I live next door to Detroit, if you want somebody that works on/rebuilds/customizes cars, just throw a rock and you will probably hit one. But blacksmiths? I never expected to find that sort of community around here. I'll be heading to the MABA meeting at CJ Forge tomorrow, with admission dues in hand to join up, an
  7. Hello All, I've been taking some basic metalworking lectures at the Techshop in Allen Park and that got me looking at Blacksmithing. I've wanted to try it for years, since I was about 8 or 10 years old. I lived next to a forge for years and to a kid, that place was magic. Finally got off my butt and started looking around and found all kinds of resources in my area. There's Tillers International, I'll be looking to take a class or two later this year. Also, the M.A.B.A. who host monthly events. I think there is one this coming weekend about 40 minutes North on I75. After tha
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