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  1. even 100 km per hour, it is at the limit with the railroad, the railroad company does not take care of the maintenance of the area next to the tracks, bushes grow bushes reeds, the wind carries waste, wild animals and snakes nest. I would like to realize with metal tubes the frame on which to screw the corrugated sheets I plant fifty centimeters in the ground what do you recommend?
  2. metal fence tips should I build a metal fence like a construction site with corrugated sheets, I should make the poles and crossbars to screw them in, which material should I use? eleven meters long, 2 meters high, which materials I use which sections and how far away I put them, how deep I place the poles? the poles in t-section or in tubular hollow? thank you
  3. it is a dwelling, you understand that it must have a minimum of aesthetic sense, otherwise my neighbors could report me to the local authorities for building abuse and break down the structure denounce me and make me a salty fine, however if some friend had photos or drawings with measures I invite him to write, thanks again for the valuable suggestions, thanks anyway
  4. what do you suggest? it should be light weight, economical and aesthetically pleasing, do you have any photos or drawings? what material do you recommend, I could either weld to connect the parts or drill and nail bolts, what do you think thanks
  5. thank you for the valuable suggestions, an engineer friend of mine suggested me to use for the frame structure instead of the profiled H-beam metal tubes at least 100 mm in section, he believes very tenacious and light what you think? today the sirocco wind from the African desert is blowing at more than 100 / km / h has broken some torn up trees billboards damaged roofs, I have to evaluate the structure of the supporting frame and the anchoring base, I think we need large concrete plinths, what do you think you? thanks anyway for some valuable advice, I will certainly treasure it, thanks
  6. hello I should build a protective shelter to protect two cars in a courtyard, and measures are maximum wall height courtyard H 2.5 meters, width depth 5.50, length 9 meters, how do I proceed that material, how would you do it? the structure of the frame we would like to realize it in iron, which materials do I use for cross beams archerecci beams? thanks to those who want to help me in this project
  7. thanks for the right suggestions, there is a photo album inside the forum where you can take pictures, pictures, drawings, measures to use as reference shapes, thanks again
  8. thanks for the right suggestion, if I can and do not disturb and I am not boring, you would have some reference photos, thanks for what material and heat treatment I should adopt, thank you for your cooperation, sorry if I'm petulant, thanks it would look like a bayonet or a small saber, an oriental scimitar, right, am I wrong?
  9. I would like to make a Russian knife I believe that the traditional Russian is a yataga, what do you know, you would have photos and measures thanks
  10. sorry if I disturbed you, thanks
  11. would my nephew want to build a gym bench, a power rack and all the equipment needed to set up a gym at home to make some ideas? thanks for collaboration
  12. thanks for the right advice, if you would have photos or drawings with measures I would be very grateful or some address to draw information, thanks again for the right advice, always valuable to me thanks
  13. I should make an ax acceptation of those with large half-moon blade, I can not find reference pictures or drawings with measurements, it would be like a big cleaver or a big wide-banded monkey. thanks anyway for the right suggestions, what material and thickness do you recommend to use? in truth it is the first that I am about to realize, therefore every suggestion advice or other is welcome thanks again
  14. excecutive axe how to make an ax from an executioner, measurements and drawings you would have photo drawings or axes already built for ornamental use for tavern and medieval environment