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  1. [Commercial link removed] I should first remove the stones and the roots and dig up everything, otherwise with this tool if I leverage and buried there is a big stone risk of breaking the tool, wasting time and effort and giving me the hernia due to fatigue, I should proportion it to my weight and to my body, at the height and age, 180 centimeters by ninety kilograms, anyway thanks for the advice, as I progress with the reclamation, I understand I hope the right strategy to be adopted thanks.
  2. it is not flat it is in the hills in ancient times it was a terraced terraced vineyard, my uncle had it filled with waste earth to make a square and build a shed, then nothing has been done for decades it has been uncultivated, now passing time I'm cleaning it with farmer's hand tools, but it's a hard job, a sprout of ailanthus has turned the ground into a small jungle, first I cut the plants now I'm undermining the roots with a pickaxe and an iron pipe that I use as a lever if I do not transfer everything will turn into a wild jungle and you will not be able to enter even with excavators and
  3. I have plant residues, the resulting material, I don't know if it is adequate and suitable for the purpose, what tool I should make, you would have some images with photos, not a machine but a tool that I can simply make at home with a few recycled tools and objects. thank you.
  4. the land has been abandoned for some time about 1000 square meters, I am cleaning it up and tilling it little by little with a hoe and pickaxe a hard job, it would take a mechanical shovel, but unfortunately I am short of cash at the moment, I have to create a small vegetable garden for the home economics, with the little that I can scrape together, bad times in my part, between crisis and virus, let's hope it ends well.
  5. hello, I should make a simple potato digger tool, as I conceive and make it to be efficient, robust and effective, what material I use, what size, I think it is a big pitchfork or a big rake. let me know, thanks.
  6. help construction design realization gin pole: hello we will have to build a gin pole hoist to be installed as a foruna crane on the flatbed of a truck, to transform it when needed into a makeshift crane to be used on the farm, some ideas some constructive suggestions, we will have to make the support supports to hinge the arms to the platform and the tie rods to support the same to the body any ideas? http://img.iweku.com/upload/f/c0/fc021be8352c50cc07021d6ed452bac8_thumb.jpg http://img.iweku.com/upload/e/a9/ea988e6cb1cb3fefbf966a359b64593a_thumb
  7. it does not have to lift tons when you need 300 500 kg maximum at low heights the convenience of a small lifting crane a small courtesy forklift. not big and heavy weight lifting. http://gardentractortalk.com/forums/topic/58611-front-end-loader-jib-boom/ https://www.qualityweldingservice.com/qm22/index.php/extenda-boom.html https://www.qualityweldingservice.com/qm22/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/c9e0b0ef589f3508e5ba515cde53c5ff/b/o/boom-extenda-20ft-horiz-reach_1.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/
  8. hello, sorry if I disturb, I should make a boom pole for a small tracked power shovel it is a fiat allis fl 5 weighing 8 tons, 90 horsepower engine 3.97 meters height of the bucket discharge pin bucket capacity 1 cubic meter, keep in mind that a meter of gravel weighs about 1.5, 1, 8 tons as weight. how should I conceive it, what material I use, how to attach it to the bucket, how much can protrude from the bucket to prevent the machine from overturning, for the stability of the center of gravity of the mechanical shovel, how to reinforce the bucket the fiat fl5 is the same in size, we
  9. thanks again for your kindness and availability, you are priceless, especially in this period of crisis and covid, useful advice and very precious suggestions in my opinion thank you.
  10. thank you again for the valuable advice, very useful and invaluable for amateurs in disarray like me, unfortunately I am still a rookie to train, I envy you and admire you veterans at the same time, thanks again, sorry if I disturbed you thanks again.
  11. BUSTER PALLET Buster BREAKER1 Breaker Pallet?? thank you for everything, I will search my warehouse to find suitable materials, thank you and sorry again
  12. hello, a carpenter friend of mine would like me to build him a tool to disassemble the wooden pallets and recycle the planks, how should I conceive it, on the net I saw some user friends who made like a metal fork a big iron fork to unpin the planks , how to make it functional. thanks I wait for advice
  13. sorry guys, i would like to make a babell swiss bar multi grip. could you help me, what material do I use, how do I fix the various pieces to compose the frame, do I make an assembly jig with reference points? thanks. I only have the welder and a small angle grinder as a tool at my disposal. thanks
  14. thanks for your brilliant and ingenious suggestion, I hadn't thought about it.
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