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  1. Shop crane

    a friend user has created this jib crane that I found on the web made everything in steel beams
  2. Shop crane

    thanks for the precious suggestion, if maybe some friend user could attach some photos or drawings, maybe I could use them to get inspiration in the construction of my jib crane hoyst, thanks again sorry if I took advantage of your time and your patience
  3. Shop crane

    you would have the mathematical formulas or calculations, my would like to bracket it on a reinforced concrete pillar of the building measuring 55 cm x 55 cm is armed with iron inside the concrete, for the hinges of rotation what you advise me, how you built them I'm sorry if I take advantage of your experience thanks you would have other photos or drawings with measures to take inspiration, I'm sorry if I make you waste precious time and patience thanks again for the attention to the next
  4. I have to build a jib crane hoyst, internal use workshop you could help me thank you, sorry if I was unclear
  5. Shop crane

    I have to build a similar one, you could give me some suggestions I have to use as a service crane for my lathe you could attach project with necessary measurements and materials, I have to realize the rotation ring do not know how to build it how to make hinges and hinges i gangheri
  6. ciao dovrei fare un laboratorio di gru a braccio, abbiamo bisogno di sollevare parti metalliche per lavorare su un grande tornio parallelo, le misure sono braccio di braccio di 3 metri di lunghezza, altezza sotto gancio, 3,40 metri, la stanza è alta 3 metri e 70 cm, non so se fare tutto in acciaio tra cui il montante del pilastro o per sostenere il braccio a una colonna verticale con una sezione quadrata di una sezione di pilastro in cemento armato 50x 50 cm, per evitare di costruire il basamento di fondazione che dovrebbe essere a mio parere 1 , 50, 1,50 metri di cemento armato, la gru dovrebbe sollevare fino a 500 kg, non so come rendere la cerniera / giradischi con supporto, per ruotare il braccio, avresti suggerimenti grazie, quale materiale usi quella sezione? grazie per la tua attenzione al prossimo
  7. i the wind and thunderstorms are a problem does not snow the building is at sea level you need to rent hydraulic crane set up on a truck to hoist and lift the various materials and tools, to the jib crane you hook a special basket to perform work at height
  8. Build a home made power rack

    Hello, i would like to build a gym power rack using scaffolding tubes or acrow props, you would have tips thank you
  9. superimpose various plates, it seems a good idea if you have other ideas or suggestions I invite you to sottopormeli thanks again, maybe drawings or illustrative photographs thanks again
  10. Temporarily use a sheet metal plate big iron, if I can find a used anvil, I also find the condiziioni moving and shipping, someone accidentally built the blacksmith's tongs,. I use pliers to parrot as remedied? thanks for valuable suggestions, or old railroad iron, rails, beams or plates or junkyard mechanic, I'll see if I can find a suitable piece of heavy metal massive recovery thanks again Mod Note: Copyrighted image removed.
  11. thanks for the right specific suggestion that I should not use the anvil blacksmith for work but rather by smith forging the tip of a chisel, shaping the nail of a lever to pry, cold straightening shape by hammering metal bars etc. thanks the idea, however, if others variants I invite you to sottopormeli thanks again to the next compared ideas and sugggerimenti thanks
  12. thanks for the advice and valuable suggestions, if other users have relevant ideas or useful advice, I invite you to participate thanks again
  13. hello, I know I should appeal to a technical, engineer, architect, surveyor or structural engineer or higher, but I should make a cost estimate what you think? ho anche fatto i conti della massaio, in linea di massima se manca qualche cosa ti invito a sottolinearmeloElenco materiali:1) N°6 pilastri esterni h= 2,80+ 3 pilastri interni 3,80 hea 1206x2,80= 16,8 m 3,80x3 =11,4 mTotale 11,4+16,8 = 28,2 metri x 19,9= 561kg pesoCapriata:14,02x n° 4 = 56 metri ipe 12056x10,04 kg/m= 582,4 kgArcherecci correnti = sezione 50x30x 1,5 mm17 m x 14 pezzi = 238 metri238x 4,27kg/m= 1016,26 kgCatene di controspinta14 metri x 4 pezzi= 48,4 metriProfilato ad U 100x50 = 10,6 kg m48,4x10,6 kg /m =513,04 kgTotale kg=2672,88 kg I also did the accounts of the steward, in principle, it lacks something I encourage you to sottolinearmelo Materials List: 1) # 6 external pillars h = 3 2,80+ inner pillars 120 3.80 hea 6x2,80 = 16.8 m 3,80x3 = 11.4 m Total 11.4 + 16.8 = 28.2 meters x 19.9 = 561kg weight truss: 14,02x No. 4 = 56 meters ipe 120 56x10,04 kg / m = 582.4 kg current Archerecci section = 50x30x 1.5 mm 17 m x 14 pieces = 238 meters 238x 4,27kg / m = 1016.26 kg Chains of counterforce 14 meters x 4 pieces = 48.4 meters U section 100x50 = 10.6 kg m 48,4x10,6 kg / m = 513.04 kg Total kg = 2672.88 kg what do you think, how you costruireste empirically, what do you think, where I went wrong thanks for your attention and technical advice
  14. would you have photos or drawings with measures to take cues, like human ingenuity like the items recovered and reused for other purposes, is a form of art, do not you recycle repurpose reuse in these times of crisis in my opinion is a great resource, you do not find, pieces of tanks in my area and find none, perhaps pieces of trucks or earth moving machinery moo i can try thanks again for next allla tips