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  1. I should add the bellows, thanks for everything, if maybe you would do me the favor of attaching some image you would do me a great favor, thanks again, sorry if I disturbed you thanks
  2. sorry could you be clearer, maybe with picture or drawing what should I do to make it usable? sorry if I have an insight, a picture is worth + 100 words thanks for your availability. maybe link me to a picture or similar discussion, thanks again, I'm sorry if I'm boring and repetitive
  3. I made this brazier, what do you think about how I could refine it and perfect it to make it functional for the purpose?
  4. hello I would like to build a homemade forge with recycled materials, I recycled the container of an old electric water heater, how do you advise me to make it? better to gas or to firewood type brazier. do I have both a gas torch to weld the tarry sheath and a large gas stove? do you need refractory bricks as you advise me to proceed? thanks
  5. thank you sorry if I take advantage of your patience and your precious time thank you again, I'm too fussy and boring forgive me. The supporting structure is made of square iron boxes 40x40x3mm would it be enough to hold the load?
  6. how would you do it? could you kindly attach some drawings with measurements,? thanks. hold bar bells? what would you say to me with a photo I don't go to gyms thanks
  7. thank you for the valuable advice and clarifications, I evaluated everything and will try to take the right solution, my friend told me that he wanted to find an old scaffolding type scaffolding on which to build the power rack structure and fix the salmon ladder on it and others tools, like the pulley and also use it as a support for the barbell to lift weights on bench thanks, even if you had other ideas to draw inspiration from, I invite you to write thanks again htt
  8. on the net I have seen some examples seemed scaffolding for construction site, of those homemade were almost all in wood, obviously it is not a structure for public gym but for an acquaintance of mine who has the hobby to train at home, I do not find the right design with the right reference measurements, if I make the hooks too far apart, I risk that when I hook the bar in the trimming phase, it does not grip and therefore you fall ruinously, I would like to know the right distance between the hook and the hook and the right distance between the hooks right proportions, we would like to do it in metal maybe tubular what do you think?I saw one that was attached to a structure called a power rack CYCLONE 100
  9. hello a friend of mine would like me to build him a gym apparatus a salmon ladder, it is a metal structure on which a bar is hooked and a climb is made, repeatedly hooking the bar to the special support hooks, it would be used for training traction someone could suggest me how to build it and what material to use on the net there are photos without reference measures thanks
  10. I had made that tubular probe that works like a big chisel
  11. thank you for your precious suggestions
  12. honestly I only reclaimed the area where the fence was set up, I cut the bushes and weed the weeds, I made a couple of holes for the foundation plinths, but the ground is hard and stony, I have a lot of difficulty, if any user friend if you have any additional suggestions or suggestions, I invite you to participate, I have to hire a pickup truck to buy the material I need thanks
  13. even 100 km per hour, it is at the limit with the railroad, the railroad company does not take care of the maintenance of the area next to the tracks, bushes grow bushes reeds, the wind carries waste, wild animals and snakes nest. I would like to realize with metal tubes the frame on which to screw the corrugated sheets I plant fifty centimeters in the ground what do you recommend?
  14. metal fence tips should I build a metal fence like a construction site with corrugated sheets, I should make the poles and crossbars to screw them in, which material should I use? eleven meters long, 2 meters high, which materials I use which sections and how far away I put them, how deep I place the poles? the poles in t-section or in tubular hollow? thank you
  15. it is a dwelling, you understand that it must have a minimum of aesthetic sense, otherwise my neighbors could report me to the local authorities for building abuse and break down the structure denounce me and make me a salty fine, however if some friend had photos or drawings with measures I invite him to write, thanks again for the valuable suggestions, thanks anyway