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  1. as the Egyptians moved the stones to the pyramids, the right intuition did not have crane excavators, forklifts, but the right ideas and brilliant intuitions. thanks
  2. log-skidder-plate Pry bars? Rock sled? thanks for the right advice. I should use muscle and ingenuity and few agricultural tools. thanks
  3. I only have a shovel a wheelbarrow a pickaxe as a tool, the smallest stones I moved easily with the wheelbarrow, the heavy ones from 30, 40 50, up to 100 kg I don't have help it's a job I do as a hobby, the mechanical shovel unfortunately, I cannot afford it, otherwise I would have to bring a club and crush the rocks and the big stones an epic effort. the countryside is open I cannot leave expensive equipment they would steal the land it is unattended abandoned the area is desolate. thanks anyway for the right suggestions, I have to adopt the ancient methods of the peasant grandparents, sweat fatigue elbow grease and ingenuity. thanks
  4. my problem is finding the right wheels, perhaps of scooters or herm-sized tractors, then I have to make the lever of the bench to lift the rocks and stones from the ground and transport them where I should place them. thanks for your suggestions.
  5. Landscape Rock Mover hello, sorry if I am disturbing, for some time now I have been cleaning a ground, in doing this I have pulled out and undermined numerous heavy stones from the ground. I would like to collect them and use them to make dry stone walls. they are very heavy and bulky, I wondered, it is not by chance that you could advise me how to move them. I saw trolleys on the net, but I think they sink in the ground. I can't rent an earth moving machine, using the normal wheelbarrow is uncomfortable. if you could build a suitable trolley with suitable wheels by recycling materials or spending little money thanks to who will provide the right ideas and suggestions thanks
  6. Thanks again. it is a 1400 square meter hillside, it has long been abandoned and was terraced with steps, rain and bad weather caused the slope to collapse. I would like to recover it to make something and make it useful. it would take a small manual scraper.
  7. thank you for everything you are very creative as a macgiver, I learned a lot from your talent. sometimes with a pile of useless scrap you could make a product useful for other uses. rubbish a person's waste can be a treasure or a resource for another person. it is the art of getting by with the little that one possesses as the Neapolitans teach. thanks again your suggestions are always useful and precious to me, you are priceless.
  8. thanks for the valuable tips and patience. sorry if I disturb you every now and then, but I live in a small country town away from the civilized world therefore I have to get by with the little I have. thanks again for the help and support you provide me. forgive me again if I get bored. thank you for the precious time you give me.
  9. thanks for the valuable suggestion if it were possible I would need some photos to take inspiration. thanks again for your availability, forgive me if I bored you. thanks I don't have to compact a large plot of land a garden. the cistern of a hot water boiler would perhaps be indicated or the gas cylinder. I have to look at some scrap iron among the remains of old iron. thanks "I've made myself a snowplow for my tractor from a section of gas line pipe (half of the pipe) which had 12mm thick walls, and it works like a charm" ??? Link removed https://youtu.be/dF5z5pDZZv8
  10. Lawn roller DIY hi sorry if I disturb you, I would like to make a DIY Lawn roller, like those used to level tennis courts. some ideas some suggestions. I would like to make it with recycled materials, perhaps recycled at some junkyard. thanks to those who want to help me in my realization.
  11. thanks for the right suggestions I have to visit a scrap dealer, a mechanic or a blacksmith to recycle the right materials. I will wait for the end of the virus crown quarantine, I hope a war from you all well. I hope we will hear from you soon, be careful of the crown virus in Italy in Italy 110 doctors and 60,000 people dead Lombardy is a hospital with thousands of sick people, prevention is better than cure be careful soon good luck thanks for the valuable tips
  12. thanks for the valuable tips, as a base metal to be recycled what do you recommend? balance a piece of steel rod crossbow for concrete reinforcement to make the tip of the nail like a chisel or birth from solid metal and forging? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halligan_bar#/media/File:Pick_adz.jpg
  13. to extreme ills extreme remedies, the video is not mine is taken from the net, I would like to make a similar tool, any advice? thanks
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halligan_bar#/media/File:Pick_adz.jpg hi, I would like to make this fire brigade tool, could you help me, how would you do it? thanks
  15. thanks for the tip, I think I have to find a system for ballasting to level the blade share , the depth of cuts and the advance otherwise brings me to the crooked floor and the bumpy path is not on the flat, if it takes a large stone it clings the bucket creating damage, thanks anyway for the suggestion. maybe instead of a hydraulic lifting system I put pulleys or a hoist or winch device, I have to think about it. pull dozer Tow behind road grader Pulldozer Landshaper https://www.lakelandfarmandranch.com/product/pulldozer/
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