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  1. thanks for the right advice, if you would have photos or drawings with measures I would be very grateful or some address to draw information, thanks again for the right advice, always valuable to me thanks
  2. I should make an ax acceptation of those with large half-moon blade, I can not find reference pictures or drawings with measurements, it would be like a big cleaver or a big wide-banded monkey. thanks anyway for the right suggestions, what material and thickness do you recommend to use? in truth it is the first that I am about to realize, therefore every suggestion advice or other is welcome thanks again
  3. excecutive axe how to make an ax from an executioner, measurements and drawings you would have photo drawings or axes already built for ornamental use for tavern and medieval environment
  4. Thank you for your precious intervention and the right advice, I treasure your words thanks again Blackhawk
  5. angiolino

    table with wheels trolley

    thank you for the right suggestions if any friend user had photo drawings or other suggestions or useful tips, I invite you to speak and write thanks greetings to all of you, thanks for the active collaboration
  6. hello, I would like to make a small table with wheels to use to transport where I need a small portable 60cm long, 25 cm high 40 cm weight 7 kg weight 180 amps, some ideas, I've seen some for plasma cutting, some ideas , some photos, some design with measures thanks
  7. thank you for your right suggestions, in my part this type of crane for workshop mechanic to extract engines from vehicles, they are commonly called: "goat or hydraulic capretta", do not ask why, but in Italian some cranes are called goats or bigo or crane in boating, thanks again for the right suggestions
  8. thank you for your valuable suggestions
  9. hello, for my small craft shop, I wanted to build a small crane on wheels, similar to those used by mechanics to extract the engines from vehicles, modest range say two tons, those with the arm, which are raised hydraulically with the piston, manual of course some economic and safe idea?
  10. Me gustaría usar el sistema de fijación con pernos porque, en el lugar donde debo colocar la barrera, hay un terreno en un sitio remoto y estrecho sin electricidad, no tengo un generador de corriente eléctrica, utilizando el sistema de carpintería de metal y las mordazas atornilladas. Podría transportar los diversos elementos de ensamblaje con mi carro viejo, de lo contrario tendría que alquilar una camioneta con costos de transporte adicionales, la barra para la excavación que aún no me he dado cuenta, ya que en mi área hay un lugar perdido y no hay muchos recursos, alguna idea? gracias por las sugerencias correctas I would like to use the bolting system because, in the place where I have to place the barrier, there is a terrain in a remote and narrow place without electricity, I do not have an electric current generator, using the metal joinery system and the jaws screwed. I could transport the various elements of assembly with my old car, otherwise I would have to rent a truck with additional transportation costs, the bar for the excavation that I have not yet realized, since in my area there is a lost place and not There are many resources, any ideas? thanks for the correct suggestions
  11. round steel chisels for home made concrete reinforcements
  12. thanks for the right suggestions, I should create a hinged hinge and a right jumper, a friend of mine suggested me to use metal pipes for metallic carpentry like those used to make temporary scaffolding on construction sites that you think? thanks again for the right suggestions
  13. thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately I have no current in the agricultural land, I should buy steel bars, the iron shop owns a small truck, therefore with a small economic contribution of transport, I would deliver the material to the house where I have my small workshop in my garage, I have the welding machine the drill and other equipment, I would build the frame of the modular gate to bring the bars into the ground and compose it using bolts bars and plates and fixing brackets, the ground is in an isolated place or so I should bring everything you need and the equipment from home, I own an old utilitarian transport, otherwise I should hire a pickup truck, I should find a cheap and effective solution, thanks anyway for the right suggestions, thanks
  14. four meters wide, a suitable access to make a truck access a farm machine, easy to carry out and transport, robust and light, the land is out of reach in the countryside in the suburbs, some carriers use it as illegal dump to discharge construction waste and cumbersome, that's why I'm working and engineering to fence the perimeter of this land and to block access to the access path, thanks again for the valuable suggestions
  15. thanks for the right suggestions and photos you have been very useful thank you again, excuse me if I insist, I should also make a gate or barrier to open the entrance road, you could suggest me how to make a gate mountable without using welding, I have no electricity in the countryside, I would like to make a gate or a barrier at home in my garage and take it into the ground in pieces with an old utilitarian car. and mount it with brackets bolts some suggestions thanks again best wishes for the current holidays