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  1. thanks again for your kindness and availability, you are priceless, especially in this period of crisis and covid, useful advice and very precious suggestions in my opinion thank you.
  2. thank you again for the valuable advice, very useful and invaluable for amateurs in disarray like me, unfortunately I am still a rookie to train, I envy you and admire you veterans at the same time, thanks again, sorry if I disturbed you thanks again.
  3. BUSTER PALLET Buster BREAKER1 Breaker Pallet?? thank you for everything, I will search my warehouse to find suitable materials, thank you and sorry again
  4. hello, a carpenter friend of mine would like me to build him a tool to disassemble the wooden pallets and recycle the planks, how should I conceive it, on the net I saw some user friends who made like a metal fork a big iron fork to unpin the planks , how to make it functional. thanks I wait for advice
  5. sorry guys, i would like to make a babell swiss bar multi grip. could you help me, what material do I use, how do I fix the various pieces to compose the frame, do I make an assembly jig with reference points? thanks. I only have the welder and a small angle grinder as a tool at my disposal. thanks
  6. thanks for your brilliant and ingenious suggestion, I hadn't thought about it.
  7. if I make it out of concrete, in reality I don't even know how to use it for training but I'm bored to death on the net I saw 15 kg but the right weight I think is better 8 kg barbell dumbell I think they are more suitable for home training, I hope the confinement and coercion will soon end, otherwise I will need a new shed to store all these junk that I would like to make. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Гиревой_спорт
  8. how to make a kettlebell at home with recycled material and a few tools. guys excuse me if I disturb, I am closed at home because of the covid, as time passes I would like to build a kettlebell, the pastime does not consist in using it by training, but in building it some suggestions thanks sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. my pastime during the constraint and segregation is not training but building tools with recycled material, we hope the quarantine ends soon.
  10. thanks it's not bad the coronavirus is slowing us down we advance at a snail's pace. desperate times call for desperate measures. need sharpen ingenuity, big fine brain shoe, I would like to use old gears engine flywheels and as barbell bars metal pipes or steel saali recovered in workshops and scrap shops, thanks anyway. I'm preparing for the new quarantine. our politicians in order not to alarm us say things with the drop counter. Thanks again http://www.storytrender.com/23695/gym-built-old-car-parts-hailed-worlds-hardcore-workout-arena/ https://www.thesun.co.uk/n
  11. I recommend making "dumbbell / barbell barbell bench homemade: hello if it were possible I would like to make gym weights by recycling objects, spending little money, some creative ideas beyond sand, stones and containers of water or concrete? thanks waiting for suggestions.
  12. in confidence as a boy I built one with scrap iron and a board, I weighed about 70 kg but I managed to lift about 90 kg, well once under stress I lost control and was about to decapitate myself. with an enormous effort, I leaned the barbell sideways and slipped from underneath, don't mess with these gym tools, rightly some friends suggested combining the bench with a power rack which would be a sort of protective cage a support for the barbells and the weights, I have to think about it. thank you Materials Needed 1. Wood – we are going to be
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