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  1. Yeah that is what I was thinking Thomas. Obviously a Dragon tail twist would not be very kind to the hands!
  2. O dang that is pretty. Not to stick a monetary value on your work, but I could easily see something like that being specified on a job and costing 6-10 thousand dollars. I see fancy lightwork on projects all the time that are bonkers expensive. Should recommend you to our local lighting specifiers and architects What are the dimensions of the assembled one? The picture unfortunately doesn't have anything to provide a scale for.
  3. Doing a "faucet" handle would finally give me a reason to try out the dragon tail twist.
  4. One day while I was out banging on things making a couple different items at the same time, the neighbors were having a party before their wedding and I had people watching me. After I made a couple items I had a few ask me how much I wanted for the hooks I had hanging in the shop plus the stuff I just made. I had no clue what to technically ask for them, but I had watched Black Bear Forges video on the general idea. Told them "technically" I think they would be around $20 or so accounting for the material and time it took to make them but all I would ask would be around $10 just to cover the metal itself. Since I am just starting out and am very much a hobbyist, my skill set is very limited. I told them upfront if they wanted more, I could not promise whatsoever that they would be identical. They would vary in length along with the twist, curl and hook being slightly different from hook to hook since I don't have a bending jig to keep things consistent. I really want to get into making more decorative items than just hooks. My next project is a curtain hanger, which should be fun. JHCC, I really like the idea of a tap handle. I will have to find a video on how they are made and see if its within my skillset to try and make one. If I could get those down, I could make enough off those around here to help cover the cost of the propane lol.
  5. The "normal" level of light for an office space @ desk level is typically around 40 foot candles if memory serves and that number is a little higher for government office buildings. For detailed work, I have done projects where they requested upwards of 60 foot candles @ 4 foot, which is just nutty.
  6. That is really interesting that you prefer older style lighting over LED's. Being that you said the other light is from the 50's, I would think it would be an HID lamp (High Intensity Discharge) or maybe a Quartz (I don't know if those were a thing then) and neither of which have a very nice CRI rating like the typical 80-90 like LED's. You can get really, really cheap LED lights (I bought a 4' strip not long ago for like $8 USD) but you tend to get what you pay for and I don't expect it to last but maybe a few years at most. My main light source in my "shop" is the clear roof that just lets in natural light, but other than that I have (2) 4' low bays that are 9000 lumens and 90 CRI. They provide a ton of nice clean light when I use them, but they were something like $120 USD each.
  7. Dang Billy, I didn't know you were a millionaire! You must be loaded to be able to afford all that top quality treated lumber
  8. Yeah, that is what I meant even though I said it very poorly. Do a kind of cork screw flared end that I will tap to screw them together.
  9. Yup! I was thinking of more or less fully enclosing the loops on the hooks, then make a neat kind of flared spiral on the end of the rod so it couldn't slide out. Granted that means it everything would essentially be one piece with the wall hooks floating.
  10. Took me awhile, but I did finally manage to get my grinder put back together. Friend had parts to me within days of it breaking and they just sat next to for a month before I bothered with it. Weather is supposed to be fairly nice the next few days so I am hoping I can get out and forge bit. I want to make some leaf hooks and a curtain rod to set in them. I figure a steel rod is less likely to be bent/broken by my 4 yr old doing something she isnt supposed to.
  11. Thomas, that sounds like another cheesy sci-fi movie in the making! Genetically enhanced Komodo Dragon VS Giant Octopus!
  12. I am extremely weary of Hornets and Hornet-like insects such as wasps. I had a very nasty experience with happening too close to a hive of hornets as a young teenager. Was stung enough that I was taken to the hospital to be safe. Believe I was stung 13 some times. Mostly in my arm where they got into my sleeve. That was not a pleasant experience. Forget scorpions. Nope, nope, NOPE. Don't need to deal with spider-wasp nightmares.
  13. I am not all that far from you Billy over here in Marysville and I don't think I have ever come across a brown recluse, granted I probably couldn't identify one anyways. We get more Wolf spiders in the house than anything. Kids are afraid of them, but as long as they aren't somewhere bad, I tend to leave em alone. They take care of the other little nasties in the house. Snake wise, worst I have come across is a tiny little garden snake. Only thing I really have to keep an eye out for is Hornets.
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