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  1. I had thought about doing something with the angle as that is what I was doing during testing as if I pointed it directly at it, coals and ashes and everything else would go flying. I think I will mount it on the side of the box on a sort of swivel so I can rotate it up and down to change the amount of air going into the pipe. I still need to do some modifying on the pipe as it is currently WAY too long. Shortest piece the hardware store had was 4'. I plan on getting pictures because I know how much you guys love pictures. My intent with this is to give me the ability to make larger items
  2. I messed with it a little last week and unfortunately the blower I got was a little too powerful and sends fleas everywhere. Need to downgrade it a bit. I used lump charcoal and got a piece of mild round stock up to a bright yellow in no time. Need to cut the pipe a bit shorter, put in a 90 and maybe a check valve for a bit more control on the air then mount a lower power blower to the side. The soil was quite wet when I did this so it has since turned into a nice solid mass of almost clay consistency. The fire pot has already hardened quite nicely as well. The only problem I foresee is t
  3. It may be more common where you are, but I know trying to have plaster done/fixed around me is next to impossible. Its cheaper and easier to rip it all out and slap drywall up onto the boarding behind it. We didnt have a choice with the bathroom sadly. Had to do a major drain repair which required tearing into the floor and walls. So I figured we might as well put new stuff back in while were at it. Wifes happy since she is getting to "nest" and make the house hers. Happy wife, happy life.
  4. I know how you feel Daswulf. My week flew by in a flash. Got a large portion of the bathroom done. Got the plumbing finished up, AAV installed for the new line, rerouted water feeds and electrical to another wall then sealed the subfloor and drywall back up. Now the misses just needs to decide on wall color and and floor before I can go any further.
  5. O I see. You a lineman per chance? I am the opposite of you as I know tons from the meter onward lol.
  6. Im right there with you Paul. Worked on the honey do list and worked on remodeling our bathroom. Was on a staycation all last week and did not get to fire the forge up even once
  7. Code for new builds requires that the electrical system be bonded to the plumbing system for that exact reason. That way if a nasty short happened the plumbing would not pick up the current and become hot and it would instead go through the bonded system and out the ground rod. I know a good bit about electric, but man is grounding and bonding a hard one. Have you ever read those sections in the code book? It is pretty crazy. Especially when you are moving into commercial and you get into symmetrical grounding and bonding systems where there is a huge ring around the building creating a large
  8. Dont think I failed at it but who knows . Planning on using primarily charcoal. Used some fire bricks I had laying around for the pot. Got it all packed down and ready to try once I get an air pump.
  9. That is a very fair point Thomas. Ill escort myself out now.
  10. Would US Stove 2000F fire bricks work for a JABOD? Or would the fire exceed their rating? I managed to get quite a few of them from the local TSC a little bit ago.
  11. Luckily I have a nice big utility sink in the back so I don't have the misses threatening to bury me out behind the shed. I typically have a bucket of slightly soapy water in the shop for cleaning tools, cooling things while grinding and of course just in case something decides to burn that shouldn't be burning.
  12. My late grandfather was a crafter/carpenter and the one thing I noticed he always did after staining/sealing something was take his rag pile out back and burn it. Never touched a trash can or anything else. When he was done with them they were laid out on the bench and when he was done, he would gather them all up and take them out back. Never really knew why until quite a few years later.
  13. That is what was on it when I looked the other night and thought it wasn't done and put it back. I will have to take it in and try scrubbing it then. The less grinding/dremel work I have to do to get that nice shiny silver finish the better lol.
  14. O I have to learn how to do the corkscrew. I have a few friends who would love those.
  15. I could believe that Thomas. I was in the middle of my drive home when it hit me. I very much struggled to finish the drive from Columbus to Marysville to get to the hospital. It was unreal how quickly that horrific pain set in. Fine one minute then hunched over the wheel trying to keep it together 2 minutes later. I had planned to go home and pull out the grill and cook up some steaks for dinner then hit the forge for a bit. So much for that!
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