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  1. We talking pressure plate, trip wire or bouncing bettys Thomas? Gotta know what to pack!
  2. I am by no means advocating you make an armored bulldozer and demo out your town lol. I just thought it was a slightly relevant story that was a decent read. I feel you on the kids though. My front yard is only maybe 40ish feet deep and we live on a main road so I never let my kids go to the front yard without supervision and have grilled it into their heads that they are not allowed out front without us.
  3. Twisted, you ever heard of the case involving Marvin Heemeyer? Probably best known as the "killdozer" incident? Its not quite in the same faucet as your predicament, but its quite the story of what could happen when a man is pushed to the brink by unmoving local standards and such. It is a somewhat sad but interesting story to read about. Happened roughly around 2004 if my memory serves. Also show cases what a man with a lot of metal, concrete, a bull dozer and welding/fab skills can do when he has nothing left.
  4. I can sympathize with that Billy. I used to have the same problem where if I even slightly over-squeezed, my fingers would lock around the object and would hurt until I managed to unseize them and open back up. Since I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and shattered my right a year later, I swung to the opposite end where I have some days that I can barely keep a strong enough grip to keep a hold of my thermos of coffee in the morning. Will my fingers still seize on things if I squeeze to hard? I imagine they would, if I could actually squeeze that hard anymore. Getting old stinks, and I am only 31 Edit: George, I do have one of those triangular like torque openers at home because I straight up cant open things like pasta sauce anymore.
  5. My hands also haven't been in very good shape lately. I blame the bi-polar weather. I had to actually ask someone in my office yesterday to open my fresh bottle of water as I couldnt muster enough grip power to get the cap to break loose.
  6. I was planning on attending Quad-State on Saturday, but it may not be in the cards.
  7. Between the house problems, running out of propane, my grinder throwing another bearing and a slew of other problems, I haven't had the motivation to do much in the shop. Went out Sunday to tinker and ended up just shuffling things around until I sighed then went back inside. All projects I have attempted lately have failed either to lack of knowledge and knowhow, or lack of the proper tools (and knowledge to make them). Also have mostly run out of material to mess with as the only thing I have left is the garage door torsion spring that is too large to fit in my forge and with my angle grinder also being broken, no means of cutting it to make it smaller. All in all, it has been quite depressing.
  8. Beats the weather we have been having this last week! Its been too darn hot for mid September
  9. Hard to argue against techno/EBM when working with metal. A nice driving beat is always nice.
  10. When you start talking LTL, weight isn't typically an issue (unless your talking items that weight thousands and thousands of pounds each) as you are more charged per pallet space. Around here, I can ship a pallet of goods for roughly ~$150 per standard pallet size. The primary company my work uses (to my knowledge) is Estes Trucking, granted we might get a better rate. You could always check around your local area and see if there is a local trucking company with a terminal you can drop off to for items to be shipped (think UPS, but for semi's).
  11. I typically use either Ace or TSC for my refills. TSC does by the gallon and Ace does it by weight. Both of them let you stand there and watch/chat while they fill it up. My last refill ran me just shy of $40 if I remember correctly.
  12. I did find a post from I believe around '16 I was reading and one of the major hurdles of such a forge is one I figured would be, which is the low pressure of a homes NA system. Would require a blower setup and such. Much more advance than anything I would be willing to attempt. Ill stick to the annoyance of the occasional empty bottle lol.
  13. Went out to forge yesterday only to run out of gas as the forge was heating up . So sadly, no forging was had as I just lost motivation at that point. Also to update on my OTHER gas problem, had another contractor out Friday who thinks they can get me up and running again for a fraction of the cost from the other guy at just $3500. At this rate, I should look into a forge that can run on natural gas and just run the pipe out to it (are natural gas forges even a thing? )
  14. Gotcha Big. I am wanting to keep it above ground so it is accessible and maintainable. Where it would be on the house, it wouldn't be subject to damage unless a car hit the house which would get it if it were in the crawl space anyways. A lot of my houses problems have been from the systems simply being in parts of the houses crawl space that just isn't accessible. The house was not built with serviceability in mind with a ~16" crawl space that grades upwards as you go to the west and north side. The front of the house has a whopping 6" of space below the joist.
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