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  1. Very Nice, DHarris. I need to make a flatter soon, as I struggle to get my pieces of mokume gane (and everything else) actually flat. I might just have someone weld a steel plate onto a hand sledge head I've got (don't have any stock thick enough to do a flatter, don't have a welder). So many things I want to do and tell myself I'll do soon, so little time at the forge.
  2. Little screwdriver I forged from a garage door spring. Woodturned the handle. Unfortunately, didn’t harden the tip as much as is necessary. Very simple little project.
  3. Crocodiles are typically green or brown (though some are orange or black) have v shaped snouts with teeth showing. Alligators are typically navy blue, brown, or black. They have u shaped snouts with hidden teeth. Caimans are a subgroup of alligators. Gharials are yellow, white, or blue striped and have very long snouts with completely visible needle like teeth. False gharials have elongated snouts, but not as serious as a gharials. They are gray or brown with black spots. But if you want to easily tell the difference, remember this: turtles have shells, crocodiles do not.
  4. MJ- I’ve got a printer and am at least somewhat experienced in OnShape. Been starting air soft recently. Did you design the CAD models? If so, congratulations! They look great! I just might try building one myself...
  5. I was looking into getting something to coat them. For now I’m wearing an n95 respirator while using them. Does that suffice for the time being?
  6. Technically yesterday, but got some good work done. Made an arrowhead necklace from the aforementioned dumpster fire mokume. Made a friend a cross (different billet) that turned out a lot better than I expected (not yet clear coated, so looks like garbage). Still have a couple large billets to use whenever I want. All made possible by my new, handy dandy coffee can forge. Was able to justify doing only 15 minutes of forging to thin out a billet, as it takes only a minute to come up to heat. Also made a friend a little coffee can forge.
  7. JHCC- I’m getting more and more of a habit of putting power tools in the vise. It’s getting concerning.
  8. Murphy's Law- anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Second best governing law of the universe. My favorite- Sturgeon's law. It goes as follows: 90% of everything is garbage.
  9. Only been to Young's once. It was very good, but I think a little overrated. Sorry to hear that, SinDoc. I still am too scared to try a piece of damascus. Today, I tried to salvage a piece of dumpster fire mokume. It's definitely still a dumpster fire, but I bet I can get at least a set of earrings out of it. Or maybe a pendant. I did make a good piece though. Don't have a pic at the moment.
  10. Bluerooster- I don’t think so. It’s a small railroad anvil. While I could probably make a round hole, I don’t know that I have the capabilities to make it square. I want to upgrade my anvil this summer anyway, so I’ll probably just wait until then.
  11. One of these days, I need to get an anvil with a hardy hole. I got no hot cut and no saw, so all my cuts are done with an angle grinder and are about as straight as a parabola.
  12. It is air hardening. It is by no means soft, but I don't believe it will shatter when hit. I've made a few chisels and punches from it with no issues. The only reason I have it is that it was dirt cheap, and I thought it might work for chisels and kiridashis.
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