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    Been Hammering on a anvil since I was 10, must be in my blood
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  1. Is it possible you could show us how you create your feathers, also are the feet forged . The Anatomy on your sculptures is gorgeous just like the real thing absolutely beautiful work, Ironmike
  2. Looks nice Daswulf, Are you using Tig for your welds? Ironmike
  3. Littlemilligan, Beautiful job!! How long did it take? Looks like alot of detail in that and alot of time Ironmike
  4. If you do a seach for Rhino in the seach box,I think you will find what you are looking for here.I will say Steve makes a good anvil and also has some nice hardies to boot. I like his Touchmark Tools as well Ironmike
  5. Nice, Both are nice, The clock does catch your eye though Ironmike
  6. A good source for these type of tools that you're going to modify is Harbor Freight because you don't feel bad about chopping them up, But I have been known to use a snap-on when I have been in a bind and need to get the job done. Ironmike
  7. If you want to make a longer socket, take your chopsaw and cut the drive end off of the socket, and using a piece of tubing same diameter as a socket cut the tubing the length you want the socket and weld back together I also suggest using a 6 point socket,I make a lot of specialty tools this way Ironmike
  8. Excellent -Very nice! I love your work man, You are an Artist in every sense of the word Ironmike
  9. Natkova ,That power supply is way to small 1000ma or 1amp,That blower will draw anywhere from about 3amps to 10amps on high speed Ironmike
  10. Charles, My horses run on electric, every time they touch the electric fence Ironmike
  11. You can run it off that battery if it,s charged,You need 12volt. The same thing the car it came out of ran on (12volt) Or get a power supply that puts out 12volt Dc Ironmike
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