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  1. thanks heaps ausfire for the feed back and the offer. I would love an excuse to get up there and have a look. My frog has to be 3d free standing about 2mts long 1.5mts high aprox. I'm looking at all sorts of methodology not just metal, so we'll see what pops up.
  2. Up - cycler was the latest one I herd. If I'm ever coming up north I'd love to visit ( professional development for tax purposes ) Just been given a commission from Vic roads for another roadside sculpture working with the aboriginal community. Tiddalic/jiddalic the frog story, hhmmm, how to make a large frog.....
  3. love your work scrapartoz, sculpture takes an eye and hand skills which you have in spades. Do you ever run out of supplies ?
  4. just amazing work, how could anyone fail to be impressed with this eagle and chicks sculpture. The old bush man is awesome as well.
  5. Truley captured the sheep with this scrapartoz, just love it
  6. I'm really sorry ausfire I'm remembering the long hours, and squillians of leaves, branch's, twigs, gum nuts. North Queensland, man thats got to be hot work up there ?
  7. beautiful, I can see the massive amount of work hours, love it. If you could give a few more views from different angles that would be great (316 stainless ?)
  8. This was a massive labour of love, I spent more time than I quoted for. All in all about 3 months on and off. It was a friends commission and I wanted to go the extra yard, but wow the fabrication time was for ever. Thanks for your nice comments, helps make it worthwhile.
  9. Once again, thank you all kindly, you may want to have a look at the arbour I've just posted on the sculptures thread, cheers
  10. Here's a link to the arbour commission we installed late last year, cheers. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.647679082009443.1073741837.489830517794301&type=1&l=ae9f9db73f
  11. Your work is beautiful, I'd love to see some production pic's
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