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  1. Matto I am so impressed with your work ! very original and stylish . I bet you sell heaps of stuff , Is the wall your work as well?
  2. thank you matto I hope your art gives you lots of satisfaction and enjoyment.do you have a website link that shows your creations?
  3. Hi Matto , I think this horse took 4 months full time and over 2 years part time but I completed 2 other commissions in that period so I could only guess at the hours. I am doing art full time now as I retired from a road construction job last year . prior to that I was a farmer , Army Tank driver and Commander , Diesel Mechanic , Road Rescue and fire Brigade Trainer and Road Construction Plant Operator .. I finished up working as a traffic controller (stop & Go Bat) as nobody wanted the job and there is never much traffic so I could get out my sketch pad and plan my weekend art while getting paid doing it on another job.
  4. absolutely beautiful ! the petals look random and natural there is balance and depth . You are going to make someone very happy.
  5. Thank you IANINSA . this is an earlier horse but the method is the same. A light weight 1" RHS Box section web truss front and rear (like a farm gate) very strong...................... as long as it is vertically aligned. This rear "gate" slips onto 2 posts mounted on the main vertical 4"x4" mast.
  6. Yes BIG GUN DOC I have to agree with you about the pole . I guess its only temporary until I find out whos buying it and how they want it mounted. I made some enquiries about 4"x4" RHS cold rolled but the local engineering firm cant roll it to the desired radius for a curved mount of the size I want . So Im not sure how to overcome this aesthetic problem as the loads on a curved structure would be greater than a vertical post and I don't know if my welds are of structural quality and subsequent risk to public climbing on / under the work Thank you Yves for that great story . Its feedback like that that inspires me to try to do something special. cheers
  7. Thank you Daswulf . I think you are now aware of all my "tricks of the trade " . Here are the rules: 1, try to make it look random ,,,,,,,,,,,,,very hard (not as easy as it seems) 2 For each panel / shield select 2 or 3 primary objects , these are distractions to draw the eye ( lead the viewer ) in a path you choose 3. Place BIG evenly spaced objects over the entire piece 4 Place evenly spaced motifs ( exciting things ) around the work ( flowers ? - have a closer look) 5 Place LARGE "decoys" over mistakes you have made this will lead the viewer away from your stuffups I hope this helps , might save you 10 years of blind searching. Andrew PS The name I gave this artwork was "Freedom Run " so you were very close in your suggestion.
  8. Here are some more pics, this time the left side in sun light. Thank you Arceye Blue for the compliment!
  9. Thank you : tdaleh, Quench, Bud , Seldom Ausfire and Frosty . Its fantastic to receive such positive feedback from you guys!
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