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Found 24 results

  1. pnut


    I have an easily answered question. A bellows thrall is the mechanism that actually pumps the bellows. The lever you pull or push to pump the bellows. Please let me know if I am correct in my assumption as I haven't seen it defined anywhere. I am guessing based on the context that I see it being used.
  2. Hey folks. I've recently started forging in a beautiful old farm forge, and amongst the random wonderful gems left in the building are a couple of sets of bellows. One is up on the wall and is a huge pear shaped set of Alldays & Onions, which I've not even looked at yet, but there's also a large set of double acting drum bellows, which look like Alldays but have the makers plate on top saying "T Reynolds & Sons, Bristol". Firstly, does anybody know anything about the maker? Google has failed me... Secondly, they're not working and I'd love to restore them. They blow air on the first stroke, but the top chamber doesn't lift and there's no air on the down stroke. The leather is old and needs some careful attention and has some holes, but is there a procedure to follow or things to check for? I really don't want to pull them apart unless I absolutely have to!
  3. Hey all! So I got some awesome advice regarding side blast forges ans have settled on a design for that (will post pics and updates later) but now I'm looking at bellows. I don't want to use a blower and would prefer a traditional bellows but havent really found any good info online about materials for making them. What are some alternatives to leather that I can use to make some large bellows for my furnace?
  4. Hi guys, I bought recently antique bellows on an auction near Brisbane. Because this was apparently passed trough for the 3rd time when i went to that auction. This amazing piece was calling me contstantly and therefore i couldn't resist to make an offer. I will find a nice place in my house for it. But there is a but. The tag that was with it, said that those bellows was used in one of the movies of The pirates of the Caribbean. Cool that was a plus. So i am watching the movies now :-) Could someone give me more information about this amazing very heavy and very large piece or artwork? Mayby time period, origin, and name of the parts. I know it measures 230cm long and 96cm wide. The nossle is 53cm long. Looking forward for some more information Rudy
  5. I am interested in doing some primitive blacksmithing by getting iron ore and making a bloomery to get my iron. I have all the necessary primitive skills except i don't have a way of making bellows. I know that bellows greatly improve a fires heat but would it be absolutely necessary to have them for a bloomery, even if its difficult without them?
  6. I just built a furnace, I don't even have a fuel picked out yet (post answers pending), and I want to spend as little money as possible until I get into it and know that I'll enjoy it enough to put money into a proper bellows. At the moment, would a vacuum cleaner that blows work as a bellows when connected to a steel pipe? The pipe goes into the base of the furnace so the air is blowing directly onto the coal/charcoal (again, fuel question answers are pending - Coal vs. Charcoal) in the bottom of the furnace. I'm not just using the furnace to heat metals; I'm also using it (with a crucible) to melt soft metals to cast into jewelry.
  7. Hey guys I am billing my first set of bellows and jut looking for a little help and a few ideas
  8. I bought my first forge the other day at the highway 127 yard sale for $50. I was told that it was called a bellows forge or a rivet forge. The only markings I found on it is on the side of the pan it says No. 77 Mohawk. It is missing the bellows aka the blower, arm, and grate. I would like to learn more about this forge the only thing I could find is an ebay listing for one very similar if no the same. ebay link removed I plan on making it operation but I am unsure whether I should update it to an electric blower or make it as close to original as possible by building my own bellows.
  9. I need some help, I would like to purchase a forge blower and all I find are overpriced antiques. I was thinking I could build a Japanese bellow box, but my preference is a hand crank forge blower that is in a $55 to no more than $100. at this rate I am desperate.
  10. I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong category. Please move this post if it has a better home. I have been thinking about a way to control my airflow better (using a hair dryer at the moment). I was considering several choices, from adding a T valve to adding in a dimmer switch. They would all get the job done but I like to know that when I build or modify something, it will have more than one use. Anyways.. I was watching one of my favorite YouTube people (The King Of Random) and I came across this video https://youtu.be/P9UjxG8sN1c And thought that there were others here who would benefit from my find. I plan on building a scariac but your thoughts are always welcome. I hope this was helpful. Happy hitting
  11. Building a box bellows, design here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57ctm0c3c25pu83/bellows.pdf Can this bellows be successfully built from OSB? I'm worried that the cloth wrap for the piston will get caught on the strands or chunks or whatever the little bits of wood are called. It's reasonably smooth...but is "reasonably" good enough? box bellows.pdf
  12. I'm looking at starting some outdoor forging, in an area with no electricity with a few of my friends. What are the best designs for bellows, weighing effectiveness and ease of creating/price? I've looked at pot bellows and bag bellows, and preferably they would require little more work than those. I've checked out box bellows, but because we don't have access to uniform sheets of wood, those would be hard to accomplish. Thanks for your help.
  13. I have built a double chamber great bellows and I am now making a shake roof over it. My problem now is that the roof has to be at a certain height and in the current configuration of the bellows the lever will hit the roof. My option now is either to lower the bellows to allow for the lever to clear or, rig the lever to a foot operation instead. I see pros and cons about each such as: with the foot pedal, you can use both your hands but you may fatigue quicker standing on one foot. If I go with the lower bellows the lever will also be lower, about chest height which seems like it would be awkward to operate. Let me know what you guys think or any experiences you have thanks in advance.
  14. Is there a way to make bellows out of everyday material besides the pipe hairdryer way because all i have is galvanized steel pipe and that's a danger if it gets hot and emits Zn gas. Any ideas?
  15. OK i make some bellows yesterday it "s blows good but its have a 4 angle shape :And i disembled it and cut to be like triangle and i loose to much on space . CAn the bellows have a shape of the board like cube or it must be trangle iS triangle shape have some reason is it bllows ari better :Because it easy to me to not cut to triangle and you can easy get same shape of two or tre board when is shape like cube is the shape have some purpose is it blowing air better
  16. how much air need to be to go to forge i heard if you have too much air it will cool of your fire but if you have a small it dont heat enaugh
  17. I'm trying to make a bellows out of a trash bag, and a pipe. But when i push down on the trash bag air goes everywhere else in the bag instead of through the pipe, and if i do manage to get the air out through the pipe its a weak amount of air, then the bag wont refill with air. Also if this helps with finding out the problem all i did was tape the opening of the trash bag onto one end of the pipe. So if anyone would let me know what im doing wrong, help would be appreciated.
  18. Any one have any experience using one of these for a small forge? Found it on amazon. It's a hand crank blower made for heating up grill coals. It seems like a lot of work, but in a pinch.. http://www.amazon.com/AIR-GRILL-BLOWER-Charcoal-Fireplaces/dp/B0001WOLOS Saw a vid of a camper using one for a small forge.
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