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  1. I just recieved my first forge, a Devil Forge two burner oval. I also have some Inswool, KOL 30, and Plistix from on line. My plan is to user the wool and KOL to make a floor to replace the supplied firebrick. The forge comes with a paint on aluminum oxide ridgidizer. Should I use KOL on the sides and top, or just the supplied ridgidizer? If I go with the KOL, how thick? I read somewhere on the forum that reducing the volume might affect burner performance. Thanks
  2. Thanks, does ridgidizer get applied to the insulation placed around the burner where it enters the forge?
  3. Im planning for my first propane forge. I plan to buy rather than build, probably a Devil's Forge. After reading everything I could find on the site, and rereading it after I found Lou's thoughtfull consolidation, it seems the fumed silica is the first step, followed by Matrikote and Plistix or something similar. Should i just pitch the ridgidizer that comes with the forge? Thanks
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