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  1. I just wanted to give an update to this set up. I have enjoyed it and has worked well for me. I did find that my sweet spot was a tad lower than I would like. So a few days ago I moved the pipe up so the bottom of it was approx 2 1/2 from the floor of the forge. So maybe up about 1/2 inch.It took around an hour to redo. I did it about a week ago and it does make in my mind a significant difference. A little dab will do ya'. Thanks again to all for your help and input. Now I just need to fine tune my charcoal making skills.....
  2. Frosty, it must be happenstance, or my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.....
  3. Wanted to update as I have been using this for a bit. I noticed that my sweet spot seemed to be rather low in my mind. I measured and sure enough it was. I think it must have moved down as I was packing the dirt. Easy fix though. This time I did add some fire brick under to prevent this from happening. I used it a bit after today and there was a big difference. Thanks again for everyone with your guidance and support.
  4. Frosty, now that's hard core. I agree, my home forge is much more comfortable. I would say that 99% of the work that I do is from scrap. I'm surprised by the stuff people give me because they know that I can use it. One man's trash.....
  5. Hey Frosty! That's how I get most of the people for my class. I try to teach it as low cost as possible to give a taste. I think of it as Primitive. I am far from proficient in my skills and I am comfortable sharing what I know (as limited as it is) My first home 'anvil' was a big rock. I had to start somewhere. Needless to say, I became great at making smaller rocks......
  6. jlpservicesinc, I know there are multiple ways to do it. I would like to see what you come up with. My wash tub worked well for the wood. I share the 'hole in the ground' method with bellows several weekends a year. I'm always up for learning something new. Thanks!
  7. pnut, I did just that as I got going. I had saw that somewhere on here. Easy peasy. Very happy with the way it has turned out so far. I am looking forward to a full day of it Frosty, now that is a neat idea. I have had no issues with using wood. It is a bit more time consuming to get going. And I have to make sure the wind is blowing the right way. I agree about the heat. It's nice in the colder months though.
  8. Chris, so far so good! I'm pleased with this set up so far
  9. As promised, here are a couple of pics from the first firing. I was only at it for about an hour, all the time I had. I felt the bottom and it was rather warm, not too hot to touch. Thanks for every's help with this. Several observations from today. Air- a little dab will do ya. really doesn't take much compared to what I was used too. Fuel, once again, doesn't use very much. Takes no time to heat up. I'm looking forward to spending a day with it.
  10. Thanks Daswulf. My Beloved does an awesome layout. If it was up to me, I'd probably have stuff sitting in buckets...... Yeah, other than the wood, it packs fairly well. I teach classes on this style 2 weekends a year. It's enough to let those that are interested see how to do it and it doesn't cost much at all for them to get set up.
  11. I always have 2 booths. One for product and the other for demo. My Beloved lays out the sales table and looks after it through the event
  12. Glenn, I've been using wood for years. Use to and it works well for me. Charcoal has a lot less smoke to it. Easier on my eyes... pnut, that makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. pnut, I've started making charcoal, so hopefully fuel wont be an issue
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