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  1. What constitutes a junk spring I have a set with one broken leaf, and 5 unbroken, are they all junk? They seem older and have some pitting
  2. My first projects

    The new coupler that I have been trying has not increased performance as far as I could tell I tried trimming down my mig tip but that did not bring the flame within the end of the flare, this also made the flame on the old reducer flare end seem very flamey or not as jet like. Frosty do you have any guidance. i heated up a slug of some sort of metal, pretty hot but forge atmosphere seemed to scale the piece while in the forge more, unknown alloy.
  3. 5 post vises located

    I’ll go back as soon as the snow melts and see what kind of deal I can get there were 2 I think in the six inch range. Don’t know if they work. What should I look for in problems, the screw box and eye As das said? I turned the handle on a 4 inch and the jaw did not move. one has a 3 bolt mounting fixture, is this necessary
  4. Thank you I’ve been reading quite a bit getting sidetracked into the heat treating section now and then as well.
  5. I do scrap art, welded not forged but I was looking for a list that could tell me things that are going to be different alloys. tortion bar—alloy—use I.e. hardy tool coil spring—alloy—use I.e. chisel harrow blade—alloy— use fire bowl, cooking disco, bench grinder stand. leaf spring—alloy—use don’t use Or uses could be avoided entirely and the alloy can help decide its best function
  6. I’m sure there is a thread and I’ll try and find it, but what else do you guys look for at the junkyard as most of us can’t take the junkyard home with us. It’s a vague question but kind of the essential scrap to have around. Maybe with common alloys?
  7. 5 post vises located

    So a six inch jaw is desirable and reasonable for 125-150 dollars? Obviously 50 is better. I’m looking to go back to this guy and buy some rusty wagon wheels , possibly a post vise or 2, maybe some cheap barbed wire to use for additions to projects.
  8. 5 post vises located

    I see one is a Colombian
  9. My first projects

    I am going to take a spare mig tip and shorten it down more as the flame has done something a wee bit funny to me. I took the time to draw this masterpiece and I am assuming that the mix is still too rich at the mouth of the burner to support combustion so it moves away from the burner? The figure labeled old (reference pics from March 29) is where the flame sat before, definitely within the flare. The new coupler pushed the flame way off I can only assume that is bad? Inefficient? My logic is The volume of air intake doesn’t change in my 2 situations so if a change in flare causes the flame to walk away from the burner it is rich so shortening the mig tip will induce more air therefore bringing the mixture closer to neutral?
  10. 5 post vises located

    I’m assuming what I referred to as a bench vise is what should be called a machinists vise. So a post vise can be mounted to a work bench without putting holes in the floor? I apologize for putting this in the wrong thread my misguided youthful intentions were telling me that these post vises are more rare than they actually are and that blacksmiths in the Midwest could make a jaunt on over to the scrapyard because we don’t have many scrap yards around here and the ones we do have aren’t selling to the public. I’m not a scrapper or scrap yard I’m not looking to get money or be anyone’s agent I thought I was doing a courtesy and after reading Glenn’s post Again I apologize to the curmudgeons and admins who had to take the time to move it.
  11. 5 post vises located

    Do the post vises mount to a bench? I have 3 bench vises currently.
  12. 5 post vises located

    Tp, Das thank you. I will post pictures and I would be more than happy to go back and ask if he would make a deal on all of them. He had a lot of stuff including a roll of barbed wire he said is extremely rare. I’m sure that is common to all junk yards. I don’t have any friends out here that need them, heck I don’t think I even have a local abana chapter.
  13. 5 post vises located

    I found about 5 post vises sitting in a bucket at a scrapped I journeyed to the other day I asked about them and the guy said he wanted 125+ per which sounded crazy. I will get pictures I don’t have them on this device. I know one did not work others did. Some were shorter maybe broken with threaded rod to mount it to something. They were painted bluish and had very machined looking parts.
  14. Home made refractory

    Makes sense
  15. Home made refractory

    I guess i burnt my Firebrick? The cerium oxide on the edges seems to be protecting the brick.