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  1. If you would have read the entire post you would know what anvil I was talking about
  2. The sulfur in the copper causes red short at the temps we forge weld at and the molten copper infuses itself between the layers and contaminates the weld. The red short explains the crumbling and you can see the copper between the welds. Forging copper is different than melting copper and forging it doesn't leave any residue left over spilling molten copper does. Take a crucible and put it in the forge and melt it and then leave it in the forge and then try to forge weld.
  3. Copper will contaminate your welds every time. It is a well known fact!!!
  4. I have see 2 double horns that appear to be completely welded up (arc welding). I will look around and see if I can find the pictures. Note: these are not going to be my pictures. What's the chances my anvil is steel?
  5. Ok I will bolt it to the stand. Another question...how many makers actually welded anvils up using modern methods?
  6. I'm just concerned about welding through the thickness of the feet of the anvil which is about 4 inches at its thickest point across. I'm pretty sure its steel...it says accicao or something on the side but it translates to steel in English.
  7. Sorry I didn't mean to offend you I thought it was a serious suggestion. Lol the reason this comes up to me is because I have a 66 lb Ebay anvil and I am going to make a stand and I was thinking about welding it to the stand. I figured I'm not doing any damage to an antique or even a nice new anvil.
  8. Forge weld the anvil to the stand? I am asking if welding the anvil to the stand would make add to the mass of the anvil.
  9. What kind of amperage would it take to full penetrate weld 4 inches?
  10. Full penetration weld. The reason I bring up the subject is the anvils with the welded base (electric weld) has me wondering if the base actually becomes part of the anvil or just serves as a means of stability. Also what anvil makers actually welded anvils up using modern methods?
  11. Does welding your anvil to a steel stand increase the efficiency of it? Kinda like adding more mass under it and making it heavier.
  12. 3800 lbs. This will be the anvil of a power hammer I'm building.
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