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  1. made the trammel hook yesterday morning not very happy with top eye, but we learned something so progress was made
  2. made myself a campfire tripod out of 16 mm square bar this weekend and put it to use
  3. i'm wondering how you folks deal with long stock (2m or 6 feet) on the anvil . i was working on a camping tripod today and had a hard time forging a point on the end of the pieces, i mean holding on and tilting the piece ( 15mm sqaure 2m long) to get a nice point was a p.i.t.a as it got very heavy in my hand trying to hold it in position on the anvil. do you guys use a stand or something els ? i'm just wondering how other people go about it.
  4. not much forging going richt here now, major remodeling going on now. trying to set some major wrong's of the original contractor straight. the house was build in '56 i had to take the facade off because all the masonry was loose and the dit nog use the normal amount of tie-ins . but now we are going to insulate the back off the house and put in new windows to. and i got a nice surprise when taking off the old roofing from the roof. there was hardly any slope on the roof and to raise the level of the roof they just put building debris on the concrete with a 2mm layer of cemen
  5. so a couple of weeks ago i made a skillet and now i would like to make a sauce pan to go with it. but i'm not quite shore how to go about it, i found that when you want to raise the edge the whole thing goes daddy wompus and flexes and moves all over the place and you don't know where to start first. seen as the pan would be about 8cm deep and have a bottom diameter of about 16cm. would i try and "roll" the edge over my stake or first make a depression with my hydraulic press and the finish it over the stake? i'm afraid the because of the high edge it will crumple. any thoughts, tips o
  6. made a skillet last week and just seasoned it yesterday so it's ready for a test run tomorrow on the bbq. its not perfectly flat but for now i'm verry happy with it, it was a challenge to make butt it was great fun and i learned a lot. next up is a sauce pan and some hooks and a campfire setup.
  7. Tools need good safety information in order to be operated safely. Thnx to aVe for the perfect design
  8. Found some goody's on the local cl. 8 pairs of tongs , a couple of hardy tools and a swage block. Nice score but a bit pricy to my liking. 450e for the swage and 150e for the tongs and hardy tools and hammer
  9. Made a stand for my press and lifted it on the stand, its bigger than anticipated. Anyone had that happen before ;). As i dont have a gantry at home a borrowed some scaffolding from work to lift that bad boy on to its stand ( she's around 200kg 400lb). The wheels wil be taken off when i get a new shop but for now she's gona sit there.
  10. band saw at work and a bit of filing when i'm using them i realy need to use ear protection because they make a XXXX of a lot of high pitch noise when hitting them, i think a combination of the anvil and the tool together seen as its loos in the hardy hole.
  11. i use it almost every time i'm forging. i only wish i made it a bit larger so i could fit lager stock. but works like a champ
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