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  1. This one started following me around a couple of years ago, not quite shore what brand or species it is?
  2. Finished my drawknive, i forgewelded a piece of c45 carbon steel to mild steel for the edge and shaped the handels ware shaped before i welded the insert. Forge welding is a steep learning curve, it took me 5 atempts making this blade. Burning the insert al least 3 times. Its not perfectly shaped but i'm happy with the result and it holds a decent edge. The handles are made of some scrap wood pieces of oak
  3. My first atempt at forgewelding. I'm trying to make a drawknife, its still a rough forging but will get there.
  4. I've made a design for a 20 ton forging forging press that i'm planning on building. the main beam will be an HE-b 200 I-beam that will be stuffend up with 2 10mm thick plates in the I-section to prevent torsion in the I-beam. total height will be 1400mm and the usable stroke is 350mm. i'm no quite sure how i'm going to attach the dies but i'm leaning towards drilling and tapping holes. any idea's, advice and pitfalls would be nice thanks
  5. Found 2 brand new hydraulic cilinders 25 tons each for 100 euro's. Now i can start gathering steel for my forging press.
  6. Found a 20 ton single port cilinder and pump with valve for 150€ next to my brothers place, now i just need to gather some steel and a forging press wil be born
  7. I fixed up 2 sledges i found at the surplus yard. They had a lot of pitting on the face that needed some grinding. The small one i made in to a 2 faced rounding an flat faced hammer. The sledge i just cleaned up the face's and left the sides pitted. I like the look, it gives it a bit of character. I made the small sledges handle myself and the big one is a store bought one i had laying around.
  8. They said the cuts are to narrow to get a decent precise cut. And the blowout on the back would be to big for the small holes And the plate would be nearly 4 inch thick
  9. I've ran in to a little snag, the guys from the weld shop told me they cant cut the middle parts with the oxy/acetelene table so i'm thinking to just cut the outside and go to a machinist or find a company with a waterjet if its posible to cut it wit with a waterjet of course
  10. I've looked around for those but they seem hard to find. In belgium at least
  11. i used a piece af 6 mm rubber sheet between my anvil and its stand and then attached it with 2 strips of steel and 12inch screw in the wooden base and works like a champ noise was more than halved. and i have a 4inch magnet stuck to the anvil as well and that seemd to help a bit ( i got that one from jonh from blackbear forege on youtube)
  12. that's an idea to Frosty, i might be able to scrounge some left over hydraulic pieces from work. one of the advantage to work for a company who fixes and self all kind of port machinery it might indeed be better to go that route than.
  13. Maybe a dumb question, i was wondering how much noise you get from operating a powerhammer like say a tire hammer? I live in a residential neighborhood and don't want to upset to many nieghbours with the noise from my shop. I was thinking of building a tire style hammer with some left over tubing a have laying around and some scraps from work.
  14. this is what i came up with and what i think i'll need for future projects. i'll probably will grind in a dome on top where i left a blank space or go to a local machine depending on the cost.
  15. i would use retractible casters witch are lever operated in the sense that when u use the lever the anvil would lift and the lever would be your steering and the when you release the lever it would be solid on the ground.