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  1. Can't make the 2 hour trip this weekend. Between moving to the new homestead, friends (another blacksmith) flying in from Florida, and a party this weekend, I'm overbooked. I'll try to make the next one and, hopefully, have forged something by then.
  2. You all are great! I see don't think I'll be making thermite, but who knows. I will definitely try it as punch lubricant, though. I follow your meaning, WayneCoeAtristBlacksmith. Making crusty looking stuff is no challenge for me as a relative newbie as I am learning to create more finished-looking pieces but I'll keep that in my back pocket. Medowgrove, an additive to my cask when aging my stouts, hmm? I'm not a member of a group, yet, but will be hunting one out now that I'm finally able to setup a forge again 4 years after moving to the Seattle area. I really like the idea of just collecting the scale for use in a fundraiser. Thanks, everyone!
  3. Forge scale, a topic of discussion for all new smiths, but I'd like to ask something odd (at least no searches turn up results so I'm guessing it's odd). Is there any use for forge scale? I see that mill scale, the industrial level of our shop dust, is used in a variety of things but nothing that seemed useful to me. Does anyone here do anything with it other than sweep it into the yard/trash?
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