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  1. How far into the brick should my burner be placed?
  2. Glenn, you're right. I wouldn't mind mounting the burners on the side i guess. I really want to avoid wool anyway, it scares me.
  3. Steve Sells. Yes I'm aware of that, thank you. Cant i just plug the hole with ceramic wool? Thanks Frosty. I like the firebrick forge. The brick is more durable than the wool.
  4. Upon further investigation i noticed that firebricks come in standard sizes and they are the same size i already have. I could just redesign my forge to hold two burners instead of one, and i could buy the burners instead of making them.
  5. Frosty, i tried to save that image but my security said it couldn't be saved securely.
  6. Goods, my forge is rectangular shaped with firebrick insulation that I salvaged from an old pottery kiln. I wouldn't mind buying fire brick that i can replace later if need be, then buy a couple burners and just build a new forge. I'm not sure where i would get the size firebrick im using now, so buying new would be helpful. I could go with the wool and rigidizer i guess.
  7. Frosty, they have an oval shaped forge with open ends. Maybe i could buy some new insulating firebrick and burners and build a better forge than i have now.
  8. I don't get why that forge has a door though. You cant close it while its operating. It would be useful for annealing steel i guess but aside from that i wouldn't know its purpose
  9. Glenn, I would like it to be close to the size i have now, but perhaps a little shorter and with two burners instead of one. Mine is 5 in x 7 in x 21". I don't think I need 21 inch long forge though, 16 inches might be enough. This size seems to work for me, I can forge a knife with it or tongs, or mostly whatever i need at the present moment. I found this forge and its very affordable. It costs $180. The outside measurements are 16.5 x 7.1 x 11.. I might try to get one with those measurements on the inside though.
  10. Im going buy a commercially made forge, that way i know its built correctly. But till then i'll have to rely on this one.
  11. Thanks Frosty. Please tell me why you say its running rich. That way I'll know what to look for,
  12. I hate to disagree but I didn't see two heats, I saw only one. I cant see myself punching that slot in one heat. The steel cooled off too quickly. I wasn't using mild steel however, i used steel from some mower blades that i salvaged.
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