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  1. Mr. M.J.L., Th Salvation Army has thrift throughout Canada. They are just like the Goodwill stores. The Roman Catholic Church runs similar stores. They are called Saint Vincent de Paul. They have many stores, in the U.S.A. and Canada. Google "thrift stores Canada" . and you may find other such enterprises. Good luck with your search, SLAG.
  2. Mr. Eventually, Welcome to the forum. Is the anvil in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Halifax, England, U.K. ? And you are one thousand miles away? Where i wonder. SLAG
  3. Folks, Don't forget estate sales, if the thrift stores are not forthcoming. Regards, SLAG.
  4. Mr. Lampert, Try Goodwill for used spoons. They have boxes full of cutlery. SLAG.
  5. Mr. H S ..., Both respectful and creative at the same time. Good job. SLAG.
  6. Drill out then use a router or a Dremel or a Foredom or a die grinder to hog out the rest of the wood? Just sayyin' SLAG.
  7. NSP, Silver refining to separate lead from that silver has been done for millennia before the Romans. There is evidence of such activity that dates back to 3,000 to 4000 B.C.E. in Anatolia. The process is called cupellation. Base metals oxidize much more readily than base metals such as lead. (copper zinc etc.) and that allows for cuppellation. The mix (solution)?) is heated to a high temperature and air is blown into the mix. The lead is oxidized and gassed off leaving the silver behind. Scientists have found lead peaks in glaciers that correspond to the time of the Greek'
  8. Mr. HWBX, I looked up 'mudlogger' for you, Bing says that it is, “Mudlogger” is the generic term used to describe the field specialists who monitor the well and also collect samples for the geologist. The career progression for a mudlogger is to generally start as a sample catcher while they learn about the drilling operations, then progress to a mudlogger and with further experience, become a data engineer. All that I do is to type in 'mudlogger' def. And Voila, SLAG.
  9. Mr. Sells, (a.k.a. , Steve), We are both correct. With, perhaps me being somewhat inarticulate. There is some included carbon in most iron due to the heating and carbon monoxide reduction of iron oxide, in the process. Regards, SLAG. I just checked Wiki, it states that pure iron is ductile (it stretches), and is not very strong.
  10. Mr. Sells, Are you intimating that bronze is as strong as steel? Quenching makes the iron harder*, but extremely brittle, and the subsequent tempering essentially trades some of that brittleness to a softer condition but much of the added strength is retained. When iron began to replace bronze for "swords" there were still plenty of bronze implements being made, for other purposes. Regards, SLAG. p. s. the crystal structure changes upon rapid cooling, which drastically changes the properties of iron.
  11. Folks. Iron is as strong as bronze. But iron that has been quenched and then tempered, is much stronger than bronze. Iron replaced bronze slowly in the near east. But it was in use there as early as 1,100 years B.C.E. (with the Hittites and other cultures). The Egyptians knew how make iron and use it. But they did not replace their bronze weapons until after the Assyrians conquered them in 661 B.C.E.* At about that time the eastern trade routes to Iran and Afghanistan (and also the sea routes to Cornwall England), were disrupted and tin became very hard to get.
  12. SLAG

    Forges 101

    Mr. H.W.K. B.X, Wrote and I respectfully quote "I was more being a smart xxx about that, but you make a good point. Only problem is I'm in Canada so that usually kills any of these forum deals." You will never definitively know that until you click on the "gas forge supplies", button on the top left of the page, in the shaded blue banner. Alternatively, you can private message the site owner, Mr. Glenn Conner the vendor and Grand High Panjandrum of this site. (i.e. I.F.I.). I hope that helps. SLAG.
  13. SLAG

    Forges 101

    Mr. HB., Are you aware of the cost of Colgate toothpaste? it would probably be exorbitant Mr. Glenn would happily suggest something cheaper and more effective. He deals in such goods. (and you could order it on line, from this site, even). Failing same Mr. Mikey and/or Mr. Frosty would, probably , 'come through' with a suggestion. Helpingly, Yours, SLAG.
  14. Steve , Thank you for the pictures. Clever. Nice set up. SLAG.
  15. JHCC, Has cogently suggested, that "a leather welding jacket is good for shop work in the wind and the cold". Similarly the SLAG has resorted to the combination of a down vest covered by a loose leather jacket, also, works very well in cold weather. The Good Will and Saint Vincent de Paul etc., etc., stores frequently have many such leather jackets for a very reasonable price. Regards Ya'll, SLAG.
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