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  2. elmax

    Chirpy is a laboratory test that requires one independent variable for the scientific method -in this case, amount of energy lost in striking the sample is the independent variable. I once read a master's thesis for a metallurgist wherein more than 800 samples were tested. As you know, toughness is the resistance to tearing. Thomas is right - hardness is only one thing to consider. When selecting blade steels, how the blade is to be used should drive the steel choice using hardness, toughness, strength, ductility, corrosion resistances , etc should be part of the steel selection process. Put simply: Strength measures the resistance of a material to failure, given by the applied stress (or load per unit area) Toughness measures the energy required to crack a material; it is important for things which suffer impact Increasing strength usually leads to decreased toughness Tempered steel is tougher but less strong than after quenching.
  3. elmax

    You could also figure out your own method of judging toughness. I'm trying to keep people aware that there is more than just hardness when evaluating a blade steel. Knowing you can check for Charpy results at various tempers and alloys. I saw my first Charpy test in a Materials Science class back in the late 1970's. It used a swinging weight released from a set height and then measured how far it traveled after breaking the sample and then had a conversion factor to how much energy had been used in breaking the sample---so all the samples had to be identical in shape.
  4. Building a New forge

    You are right in the cone remark, it became red after a while. Although the burner tube did not heat that much. I will pull it up an inch or two. Im around 280 cubic inch
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  6. Swage Block design

    Swage blocks have 6 usable sides. Make it strong enough to stand up to a sledge hammer. Depending on that the individual blacksmith is doing dictates the shape he looks for to use.
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Hans, nice sculptures! The plasma cutter is a great addition to the kit! Shady, once you make one word gets around quick. Better make 10 more now.
  8. Frosty's under the Weather

    That nasty flu stuff has been hitting here, and I hope you don't have that. Get better soon!
  9. Horse shoes with Borium

    Charles, couldn't agree with you more. Well said. George, that was interesting, as was noted in a side note in Indiana, nobdy saying anything about snowmobile tracks and skis doing damage as well.
  10. Building a New forge

    Something I see that I think may be a problem is having your cone inside the box like that. I think it will melt away quite quickly. I'm sure someone with more experience will correct me if I'm wrong soon, but I would pull it back in a bit. Also, the hard brick are durable for the bottom, but aren't as insulating and suck a lot of heat out so you are wasting a lot of gas to heat them on the sides and top. Do you need them there? Can you remove them and still be in your 300 or so cubic inch size? What are your current cubic inches?
  11. Frosty's under the Weather

    Frosty, Take it easy relax, recuperate, and get well. We are all rooting for ya. SLAG.
  12. another tool from cave man forge

    Nice job Mike. Those are handy for sure. That's a nice bull pin you got there too. I need to get me one of those.
  13. On the weekend of April 28/29 there will be a hammer-in at the Freetown Historical Society Blacksmith Shop. The demonstrator is Bran Martens, lead instructor at the arc and Flame in Rochester , NY. Brian will be demonstrating making wood working tools and heat treating them. There will also be a green coal area for folks to try it as well. This will be run by Dick Renker, former instructor at Arc and Flame. We are also working on having blacksmith stew for Sat. nite. For those interested in camping there is room for several campers/tents. All the buildings have electric outlets and there is running water. Early arrival and set up on Friday is fine. Assonet is part of Freetown and is located just north of Fall River, Mass. Any questions contact me at [email protected] Hope to see you there. Dick
  14. Frosty's under the Weather

    Frosty, Work on getting well and thank you for letting us know.
  15. elmax

    i just google it and well it seems you either drop a ball and let it hit the steel from a certain height or a ball swings on a penjulum to hit the steel....from the pics and video i saw what they were using would have to be heavily modified for our uses do you have any links to any info on how to make one or are there rigs out there to buy cheap enough...not going to buy or start making one today but deffinitly need to get more info on the subject
  16. Frosty's under the Weather

    Get well, Frosty... hope you don't have that nasty flu bug!
  17. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I had a friend beg me to make a heart trinket for him after he saw the simple little one I made for Olivia. He wants to give it to his wife for their anniversary... I told him that he better attach it to something really nice or he'll be in deep trouble! lol. I made this one a little more symmetrical than the first one, and got another twist in the leafy parts.
  18. elmax

    measures toughness
  19. A7 tool steell

    What will be the heat treat on the drops; or do you have access to high tech heat treat? "A7 air-hardening, medium-alloy, cold-work tool steels are high carbon alloys comprising cobalt, chromium, vanadium and molybdenum. A7 tool steels have better wear resistance and low toughness rating." AZO website So a fancy alloy---over 2% carbon! that is very wear resistant but not very impact resistance. Would not be my choice for an improvised anvil unless it was tempered way back and heat treat definitely requires ramping furnaces, (tempering temp to get RC 57 is 1000 degF)
  20. Railroad spike knife

    I was a bit worried about the edge retention, but it seems to have held up well enough. I was more interested in forging a blade than making a high quality piece, but it seems to have came out pretty good. I'll be putting a finer edge on it Wednesday or Thursday when my new belts come in and then I'll be putting it through it's paces to see what improvements I can make. I wasn't going for a skinning knife, just a nice curvey knife because that's my style. I honestly think this one might be a little too thick to work as a proper skinning knife.
  21. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Nice work Hans. If my wife sees these pics... I guess I'll be learning to make giant dragonflies too... lol
  22. elmax

    never even herd of a charpy test rig..
  23. Frosty's under the Weather

    Be well brother Frosty!
  24. another tool from cave man forge

    I made my first set of box jaw tongs. I can say this, they work well.
  25. Frosty's under the Weather

    Get well soon.
  26. Swage Block design

    10x10x4 solid would be 105# in ductile 113# in steel so you need to have at least 1/3 if that missing to meet that max weight on a flat rate box and expect them to shred the box in shipping. (ALWAYS have a label on the item being shipped, in an indentation if possible.) The issues is the patterns will need to be specific for the uses. What an armour wants would not help a bladesmith much. I don't think I would drift over a cast iron block. I prefer steel when I'm sledging!
  27. I have an opportunity to pick up some chunks of A7 tool steel drops. I have looked on line and can't find the information on how brittle it is. So my question is how would this steel work as an improvised anvil? I know this is the place to ask. Thanks
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