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  1. I wouldn't bother with heat treating it if you will be using it for hot steel. Especially if your are just starting out and your hammer control isn't that good (or even if you are experienced) and you hit the hot cut with your hammer, it is better to have the hot cut get dull than to have a nice deep gouge in your hammer. (for me) It is easier to sharpen a hot cut than to regrind a hammer face. Today I spent some time from about 1:00Pm to about 6:00pm out in the shop. Made a (in my opinion) really nice hammer eye drift. Also made some other stuff-2 horse shoe hearts, a horse shoe pot hanger, 2 punches, and re forged a drift I made a while back so that now I can use it. Will try to get pictures tomorrow! Littleblacksmith Whoops, Biggundoctor and I replied simontaniosly, and already addressed the hot cut and heat treating it.
  2. I was about to say that I thought I remembered discussing how hard it is to Forge weld 5160 to itself. Littleblacksmith
  3. I like that small little 3 incher! Littleblacksmith
  4. Actually just a hair larger,
  5. Agreed. Some nice big strap hinges might look nice. Littleblacksmith
  6. My shop is also at the bottom of a hill, and so it can get really soggy down there. The issue I have isn't so much drainage, but just that things aren't covered real well, and so EVERYTHING gets soaked and rusted when it rains. Really stinks. Littleblacksmith
  7. Wow Thomas! Here its been in the 70s (Fahrenheit) for the past few weeks. I'm really missing the colder weather, it makes forging so much nicer. Tomorrow it's supposed to be about 40 mph winds. Windiest it been here in a while! Littleblacksmith
  8. Or at least chiseling all the way to the edge on the ones closest to the stem, and then going less and less as you move towards the tip has a nice effect. Littleblacksmith
  9. Nicely done! looks like a lot of twisting...... Littleblacksmith
  10. This doesn't have really have anything to do with this thread, but I love your profile picture Millhand! some of those are mighty big! I trust you don't own all of them? Littleblacksmith
  11. I'm not sure, but the only thing that I can think would be that you did burn it. I know, I know, you insisted that you didn't, but if you were in direct sunlight (were you?) than there is a possibility that it burned without you being able to tell. For me I never (unless I have to) forge weld mid-day, but try to save it for late evening when it starts getting darker so that I can see the true colors easier. Also, spring steel forge welds (and burns) at a lower temp than mild steel does, and so it could just be that you weren't use to it. If none of that is the case than my next guess would have to be just that the spring is full of fractures and cracks that you didn't notice until then. How cold were you working it? I would take a short section of the spring (like maybe 4 inches), straighten it out, and forge it in between a dull orange and a bright yellow. Take maybe about 4 heats and then observe if there are any cracks. Just some (un-expert) thoughts. Littleblacksmith
  12. I'd say it's about 1/2" Littleblacksmith
  13. This is the spot where you can post the stuff you made recently, that isn't quite big enough/interesting enough to create a new topic about, but you think is still worth sharing. I'll start it out with what I did today. Today I made a bottom fuller and a cupping tool for my striking anvil, and a business card holder for the guy who I ship my 2,000lbs of coke to (because he has a fork lift) and then we bring it to our house. Littleblacksmith
  14. I did that on purpose! It's my dads project. Got it runnin about a month ago for the first time in about 20 years. Thanks! Forged a bottom fuller and a cupping tool today out of 11/4" (I think) axle.
  15. Man! At the first picture I thought to myself "hmmm, not too bad at all" and then the second picture came, and I thought "wow that's pretty good, and a nice bit of wrenches and files" but by the third one I was thinking "Dang, I wish I was him" and then I saw the skillets and was like "Dang, now I really wish I was him!" Littleblacksmith