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Thoughts for Mother


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Mother went in for gall bladder surgery last Tuesday and seemed to be recovering reasonably well for being 85. Saturday night she started fading and Sunday evening they started running tests to see what was going on. She was suffering large scale infections and pneumonia. The pneumonia was from aspirating vomit sometime in the night.

Monday afternoon they opened her back up to look for and repair a probable perforation of her intestines. The surgery was successful but the infection in her lungs is running rampant right now and it's not looking good.

Basically if they can't get it under control in the next 24 hours or so her internal organs are going to start failing. Mother doesn't want to be kept "alive" past her time so that will be it.

My sister is handling everything herself and doing it well but she's under terrible stress and starting to second guess her decisions. Shan if feeling that intubating Mother to try to save her life may be going against Mothers wishes, it isn't but Shan is really stressing over it. I'll be catching the first flight I can make to Boise to go support her. There isn't much I can do for Mother but pray but I can help Shannon carry the burden.

So, if you don't see me posting, that's what I'm doing.


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Decisions about life support issues are soul wrenching and I hope your sister will come to terms with you can only do your best and the rest is out of your hands. I know from personal experience that this is a very difficult time and my thoughts and hopes go out to you and your family.

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I talked to my sister a little while ago and Mother's condition is improving.

They flushed her lungs with saline and are maxing her on antibiotics. Her white cell count is going down, her breathing is easier and she's in less distress. She'll be in ICU for a couple days at best but at least she's doing better instead of worse.

I'm still trying to book a flight but the urgency is easing. I could feel Shannon's relief over the phone but she still needs some personal reassurance.

Thanks guys, it means a lot.


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I got back a couple days ago and have been recovering from a nasty cold and the trip.

Mother passed away last Friday the the 5th. around 7:00am. The infection in her lungs was too overwhelming for her to overcome. Shan and I honored her wishes and had her disconnected from life support and she passed on in about five minutes.

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, she's with Dad now sightseeing all the odd universes of heaven.

Thanks again,


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