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101 RR spike uses.

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Just about everyone has turned one into something or used it for something.
there probaly about the most common easy to get chunk of metal that just about everyone has used.

Ive used them for Chisels, to secure my anvil to a stump, Planishing stakes, , hooks, art and many more.

Just for fun im curious how many uses you have found for them?
Give some people ideas maybe.

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The local abana chapter has a fella that set out to see what all he could make out of a spike. He made grill samplers, cheese cutters, trolls, door knockers, hinges, swans...on and on. I haven't been to a meeting in over a year but he was up to like 50 something items from spikes then.


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I got a beautiful "hand cultivator" as a trade item this summer. The working end is split into six tines and the handle flattened, among other stylish features. Much to nice to use. The piece won the "Iron Master" vote for the day; the PABA Kutztown Blacksmith Days. Made by a Mr. Sutton. I will add a pic if time permits.

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Same here, all my relatives are ODD. No two alike!

Spikes are perfect for maintaining gage on your RR tracks. ;)

All kinds of door knocker potential.

When I had access to a power hammer I drew out about two dozen to approximately 3/8" x 30" and made a number of snaky things and a pair of hay hooks.


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The thing is that they are Federal Property! No scrap yards in my area will buy ANY railroad steel, period. I do however aligin my feelings with yours...get some good steel...much better in all ways.

yes there is better steel, but for learning there cheap and easy to get.
And for some things why waste good steel.
I mean do you really need high end steel to make a card holder or a hook?
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I draw them out, sometimes to 3', and make candle holders incorporating a piece of glass from Goodwill. Basically a stand for a glass candle holder. When you tell somebody "That used to be a spike." their reaction is usually worth the effort.

I made a backscratcher with a turned oak handle, I mainly flattened the head and made three lobes with thin edges. I drew the shank out and left it square, so I could put a twist in it.

Frederick's cross for my GF's brother's grave.

Jayco tongs, punches, anvil tools, etc.

I have used the spring clips ("rail anchors") for chisels and a hardy.

Good Luck!

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