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  1. Zsartell

    mystery tool

    It's obviousley a Rotational Reduction unit.
  2. Sask Mark, I'd love to know more info on these 4 hammers for less than $1000. Do you know who and where?
  3. I did a breakdown of how I forge and heat treat a center punch on my wife's blog. When I get a chance I'll post the whole thing here, but for now here is the link. I hope you enjoy it. http://ironoakfarm.blogspot.com/2011/01/fiery-friday-making-center-punch.html
  4. OK, I know this is kind of a strange topic, but does anyone know where I can find suspenders with anvils on them. I have seen them before and my hours of searching on the internet have come up with nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yes, we need pictures and video!
  6. I would think you could easily use this jig for the basic form and setup another one to form just the bolt holding end. Perhaps you could make the original jig have a detachable piece that once the basic jaw is formed it can be removed and the bolt jig put in it's place. That waw everything else for the jaw section still lines up the same. - I need to build a power hammer so I can test this....
  7. Wow, you did a great job on that hammer KTB. I really like the ratchet and oil can holder. I need to start scrounging for my tire hammer. How does it perform for you?
  8. I've never owned a plasma cutter, but I have used a few different brands. The nice ones (hypertherm) cut pretty decent and the cheapo's cut so bad I would have rather used an oxy/acetylene torch. That doesn't mean that there aren't less expensive plasma cutters out there that can't do the job, just not the couple that I have used.
  9. double_edge2, What kind of power hammer is the one you posted. I can see that it has a home made cylinder, but can't really make out the plumbing.
  10. I think it would make a better hydroulic press than a hammer. It sure looks beastly enough...
  11. I really like the idea of using cheap tubing and greased rope seals. It wouldn't be that hard to mock up the basic operation with scrap pipe, wood, greased rope and junk steel. It wouldn't need to be all that strong as long as you didn't plan on beating anything with it. You could even run the motor on a dimmer switch and keep the RPM's low and once you get the valving close, crank it up unit destruction.
  12. Honestly, I opened this discussion more for discussion for future reference. I really plan on building a "Tire Hammer" and maybe doing research/experimentation with the self contained hammers. I'd really like to have a good air hammer someday, but I don't have a good air compressor and I can build a tire hammer for pretty cheap right now.
  13. I found Mark Krause's e-mail and have asked him for info on his book he wrote. If I find anything out I'll let everyone know.
  14. Oh, I also wanted to say that a self contained hammer reminds me of a Free Piston Engine. They both work off of cushions of air to move a straight shaft back and forth. There is another project to add to the list....
  15. I agree as well. Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a financial crisis and every penny I have needs to go to my bills (medical bills, I'll be moving soon-unwillingly among other things). If I was a full time smith I would say that a power hammer of some sort would be an absolute necessity. Since I now have a typical 9-5, it's hard to justify it at this moment in my life. Quite honestly I should just buckle down and do it. I could get a lot more work done and get better profits for my time. Perhaps I could even go full time. I completely agree that to make money you have to have the right tools. Some of my products were under priced and I have raised my prices recently to justify the work being done. The fun thing is that the higher prices haven't really slowed things down much. Maybe I'll just raise prices again and start saving for those right tools to make more money. Thanks for the awakening...
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