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I Forge Iron

The Best Film I Have Ever Seen

Archie Zietman

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Jerimiah Johnson,w/Robert Redford and Oklahoma Crude w/George C Scott(the man who was BORN to play Patton) for oldies.
Braveheart and Saving Pvt Ryan (we used to show these to the recruits in basic training and I watched them every time).
Tombstone w/Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer.
Dances With Wolves w/Kevin Costener.

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Hmmm, I hate going to the movies alone, so I haven't seen many there. As for watching multiple times, I rarely do that too. The only DVDs that I own were given to me, and I haven't watched my TV in over 2 years now. With that being said, here is my short list of favorite films.

Star Wars series
Alien, and Aliens
The World's Fastest Indian. Good for the gearheads out there. Story of a Kiwi who sets world records on an Indian Motocycle.

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For myself - the light horsemen an Australian film about one of the last great cavalry charges, Talvisota -about the finnish russian war, The 9th company -the Afgan war from the Russian Perspective,To heal a nation, Dogma - a different if somewhat irreverent film about religion and finally but difinately the last Dear America letters home from vietnam a film guarenteed to mess with your head and heart!

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sandpile!!! i could read stuff like that all day long - never mind the films - you should write a book....

Beth, I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck a few yrs back and he is all he appears to be...200proof Cowboy. I'm afraid he doesn't frequent this site much anymore. You should see the spurs this guy makes...amazing work.
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