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I Forge Iron

The Best Film I Have Ever Seen

Archie Zietman

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I have just watched the film "American Beauty" and it is the most amazing film I have ever seen. I don't know how to describe it, but it is one of those things in life which is so amazing so awe inspiring so everything that it just surges you with life like an electric socket, until you are shivering from the sheer energy and exhilaration of it, and it stays with you afterwards.
If everyone in the world had to watch one film, this would be it.

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Mmmmm, Archie are you saying you like it or are you saying it's a good flick. Frankly my dear many reckon GWTW is a good film but I have never seen the ending on account of gravity attacking the eyelids and I've made many attempts.

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Gallipoli- excellent and heartbreaking
Not particularly historical but a good representation of the USMC is Heartbreak Ridge
How about Chariots of Fire? There is amazing. As well as Cinderella Man.
We Were Soldiers
The Passion of the Christ
For fun I really enjoy Quigley Down Under
And then there is The Shootist for some more ideal values.
Mr Smith Goes to Washington and Harvey

The Cowboys- LOOOoooVE that Roscoe Lee Brown.

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"The Wind and The Lion" (Sean Connery flick)
"The 13th Warrior"
"Quigley Down Under"
"True Grit"
"Saving Private Ryan"
"Star Wars" (all of 'em)
And anything by Akiro Kurosawa...especially "Sanjuro" and "Yojimbo"

Jr. - I truly LOVE "Valdez is Coming" ('What you got in dat ting?' 'Something for rabbits...')

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Man from Snowy River

Surprised and glad to hear it Jr. But boy, did it take them a while to tilt all the trees back for the final scene though.

How about the poem? Have you heard it recited...with feeling?
Personally I prefer "The Man from Ironbark" as my alltime favourite Banjo effort. Maybe it's cos I haven't found my razor since I misplaced it thirty years ago :oops:

Sorry I digressed.

Any Chips Rafferty film especially Bush Christmas. To watch it on Chrissy Day has become somewhat of a tradition in this household. G'donya Snow. You're the star of the show.
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Me being what I am. Cowman, horsetrainer, father and grandfather. I have to go with the one John Wayne made with all the kids. I can't think of the cooks name off hand, but he did a superb job in carrying the kids. One of the kids in the that movie went on to be a nine times world champion roper.

I caught mustangs back when I was young and REALLY liked The Man From Snowey River.

The other movie that this same young man made was PHARLAP or something close to that and he was just as impressive in it.


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It was Tom Burlinson. But then he went on to play a bloke called Frank Sinatra in I don't know what the film was called. Why he bothered I do not know, I reckon Sinatra can't sing to save himself :? You folks would not agree I'm sure.

Oh, and you might have chased a few mustangs but Tom/(Jack Riley) was chasing "brumbys".

Since there's a bit of unexpected interest in this phillum here's a thread to what it was based on.


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SHRINE, I am in your debt. Many thanks for the hours of enjoyment that I will have reading the Banjo mans story telling.

When as a young and very foolish man, I too did not know how to pull the slack from a set of bridal reins.

In the different places, that we gathered horses it seems that they still make idle talk of when the bunch I ran with were running the broomtails. They let on like I was the one to go to the front, but in reality, it was the horse that I was blessed to have at that time. He would stay on his feet in the roughest of pursuit. Always striving to go to the front and bend the loose horses to make them go inside the drift fences that we had set up.

He was truly a courageous animal. I saw him run with out a spur or quirt, until he was blowing a red mist from his nostrils. If this was before he got the wild bunch headed and I pulled him up, he would fight his head in an attempt to stay in the chase.

A man is blessed only once in three liftimes with a horse of this caliber.

Two of my co-horts, from long ago, called after seeing the Snowy River film. Saying that it reminded them of my old horse flying off a N.M. mountain.Grin. Sure glad he did not go down.

Thanks again


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Yep Strine that was good reading. Afterwards my wife went out and found the movie, we watched it again. :) Funny, 20 years ago he seemed to be just a guy who had some hard luck, not a headstrong kid that needed some growing. I wonder when that changed? :?

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