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Hollands mini block


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Awesome! I’m glad to hear y’all got it worked out, sorry the first one showed up with some problems, 

I knew from tired iron when she was looking at mine that she said she wanted to order one, 

I know every time I’ve emailed hollands they always reply quickly to an questions I’ve had

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I got an Iron Mountain mini swage block last week. Needed cleaning up and it is about half done. I have been using it under my fly press to make some gouges. Being small it is perfect for the press. I will need to make a holder to stop it moving but it is working ok as is.

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Oh it’s great! It’s a handy little dude to have around the forge!

So far I’ve used the dish form to do sleigh bells and it worked awesome!

I’ve used some of the half rounds just for straightening up some tools too

i haven’t tried the spoon forms yet but that’s on the to do list

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Reviving the thread because I had an opportunity to visit Holland, MI 2 weeks ago and met the father and son team that is Holland Anvil Co.  Super guys, great story, and great looking outfit - anvils are just a small part of what they do but getting larger. Very interesting selection of anvils and swage blocks.  Picked up a 9"x9".  Building the stand for it now.  Going to try using it under the flypress as a bottom die for some quasi-closed die forming if I can create the corresponding top die.    






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