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  1. Sooty

    Fly press

    Very late to this thread but I have a S & B fly press with threaded hole in the ram. I borrowed a range of 7/8 bolts from a fastener supplier with different threads as I didn’t have room to use a thread gauge and didn’t want to disassemble. One fitted so I returned bolts got its thread name 7/8 coarse ..... can’t remember rest. Drew up a tool holder with a threaded end and 1” hole with locking bolt had it machined. Works a treat the tool holder cost about 2/3 what I paid for fly press but made it usable. Working on tools now and a stand for press. Cheers
  2. I filed some corners into some exercise weights. I already had them so no cost but they are easy to get. The barbell clamps secure them nicely. I am building a stand to get it off the floor.