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Mtforge -- Jay-Cee's definitely not as convenient as McMaster-Carr (I think they have a minimum order, too). But they're supposed to be hard to beat on price and selection. Let us know what you find.

I asked them for prices for 3/16" x 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" they said $5.00 per 100 for each. McMaster's price is $5.54 for 200 3/8", $5.54 for 175 1/2" and $5.54 for 150 5/8" which is about a pound of each size. And since I buy my bandsaw blades, tool steel and such I wait until I get an order together and save on shipping. With the price of gas and not wanting shop downtime it pays for itself to have it shipped.
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Jay Cee has a good assortment of steel rivets in various head configurations. They also a full line of non-ferous speciality rivets. They do have a min spec order of 100 units for sizes under .5 in. Prices seem competitive, they have an 800 number , they take plastic and they ship via UPS ground.


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