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Old safety glasses


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You're killing me Scott! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:!

RainX isn't good enough? FogX wasn't an improvement and went away pretty quickly. RainX makes fog go right away on the inside of vehicle windows and works a treat for keeping the door seals from freezing to the frame. I was advised NOT to RainX my trifocals or camera lenses, they're already coated and it'd mess them up. 

I want to hear reports from all you guys who try bacon grease. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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The glasses have arrived!



I have not yet worn them while working in the shop, but here are a few quick observations:

  1. They are a bit narrower than I expected.
  2. However, the fit is snug without being cramped.
  3. The side shields fit my face very well, and the gaps between the lenses and the upper inside corners of my eye sockets are pretty minimal.
  4. The earpieces are very flexible and don't press in against my head the way more rigid ones might.
  5. I may need to tweak the angles and curves of the earpieces to improve the fit, but probably not much.
  6. The nose piece fits the bridge of my nose very well.
  7. Overall, the glasses are very light and seem quite comfortable.

I look forward to giving them a try!

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On 2/17/2021 at 9:06 AM, ThomasPowers said:

Would it solicit bear kisses?

This brings to mind a story from last night's Alaska news. A brother and sister were spending some time at their cabin on Chilkat Lake just out of Haines Ak. After dinner the gal goes to the outhouse, sits down and gets bitten on the butt. She shrieks and exits, her brother runs out and sure enough she's bleeding, not a lot but bleeding. So he cautiously looks in the outhouse and lifts the lid.

A BEAR looks out at him from the pit so he beats a hasty exit and goes back in the cabin to administer 1st aide to his sister's butt. She's fine, no serious damage but in the interview she said she'll take a look before sitting down from now on. Best is the crazy Alaska story she has.

Fish and Game has never heard of this happening anywhere. The pics of the footprints in the snow outside the outhouse look to be a fair sizes black bear.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Very evil genius like, I love them. From the look on your face you also look very happy about them^_^

Frosty, How does a BEAR get into the poopy part of an outhouse? Just thinking about it, the brother must have been very glad he was not the one finding out there was a bear face next to his dangly bits...

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Knowing John it might be a trained fly! 

How a bear got into the pit under an outhouse is easy, it wanted in. Keeping them out of places is the challenge. They tend to go where they want. The outhouse IS in the woods and I don't think the bear was using it for it's intended purpose. 

Why it was in there is the question everybody was asking, probably still are. I THINK it was probably eating. I think I'll turn down any black bear meat from the area for a while, probably gives it a disStinky flavor.

I'll bet Brother was happy he wasn't the one who sat down and discovered the visitor, danglies or not.

Speaking of danglies and bears. There is the story of a couple of adventurous young men who climbed into Binky's enclosure to pet him. Binky RIP, was a polar bear at the Alaska state zoo on the Anchorage hillside. Well, these two young men bet each other they wouldn't climb in and pet the POLAR BEAR.:blink: Well, Binky reached up and dragged the first one ever the fence top in for some one on one time. The boy lost his dangly and associated goodies. The other adventurer changed his mind before he could drop to the ground inside the double fence. Binky allowed the freshly neutered young man to climb out unhindered. 

Binky bit a few people who mistook his good nature for a willingness to share his territory. Binky was a wonderful bear, liked visitors and loved children. He'd do tricks for little kids and he'd sit next to the fence and talk with people. Share HIS territory? Only with bites of people.

Frosty The Lucky.

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17 minutes ago, Nodebt said:

  I know you bought those on eBay, but did you ever find another source for them?  Do they have a brand name?

I gather that there were a number of companies making similar glasses around the same time: Willson, Saniglass, etc. This pair is from Saniglass and is also labeled “Kings SAFETY Goggle”.

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Alaska is bear country, they're seen in Anchorage often and some neighborhoods aren't safe to walk in alone. Bear stories are all the time reality here and I don't need beer to tell a few.

Some people are idiots though, even living in bear country they have zero survival instincts around bears. One fellow was mauled a few years ago. A brown bear crossed the Glenn highway in front of him and started rooting around some spilled garbage so the guy stops, gets his camera out and tries for a close up. The bear leaves so the guy CHASES it into the scrub brush just outside the area we keep mowed. So the bear schools him about chasing bears in the woods. It didn't kill the guy or tear him up, just swatted him around some. A few claw tears but mostly bad bruising and a few broken bones. Fish and Game didn't put the bear down they said it showed admirable restraint in how little it spanked the guy.

Other motorists were witnesses in the bear's favor, there was a picture of the guy standing with his camera, maybe 6' from the bear before it ran off. Another shot is the guy running after the bear. Cell phone cameras have enriched animal encounter stories wonderfully. Some not so much though.

Frosty The Lucky.


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