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I Forge Iron

Easter island statue for wifes Birthday

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16 hours ago, George N. M. said:

Can you describe your technique?  Forging? Welding? Repousse? Combination?

I used most of those but there was alot of cutting shapes from solid, quite alot of cold bending and shaping in the hyd press, Mig welding then grinding

2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Nice, but I prefer the glass ones once full of Pisco.  Will you give it a rust finish?

I was going to let it rust but its turned out much better than I hoped so now thinking of getting it shot blasted and  Zinc sprayed

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  I want to make a big metal tooth, probably a molar, as a gift to my dentist for years (decades) of putting up with me squirming and complaining from the chair and have wondered how to build it.  Looking at your project has given me ideas on how to go about it.  I should have replied sooner but it's a great sculpture and I get distracted.... :)

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Very cute. I'm sorry I didn't find this forum earlier, but I'd be interested to know what technique do you use and what tools? I am now at the moment when I think about what a beautiful and special gift to give to my child. And I was thinking about making a big superhero statue, because my kid is a Batman fan, and I thought it would be great. I had a gift option of a of Batman costume, I found an online store with custom superhero costumes, but still I think a statue of Batman would be better. I hope he will like this gift to Robert, my boy. What do you think about this gift?

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