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More from an Old Man's Front Yard....


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Thanks to the old Corona Virus ALL of my trade shows/faires have been canceled..that means NO INCOME unless I get cracking and stuff posted on my website..So here are several pieces that were destined for RPFS in Irwindale, CA and since that is canceled for this year up they go to the website!  So here are three of the latest from an old man's front yard....

The Kard is welded from 1905, L-6 and some meteoric iron and has phosphor bronze mounts and a red bovine ivory grip...

The darker gripped  dagger is in a Ladder Pattern welded from L-6, 1095 and meteorite.  The grip is some pre-WWI Bakelite and the sheath is set with a  14.56 Ct Star ruby.

The white griped dagger is 1095, L-6 and meteroic in a Maiden Hair pattern with some white preWWI Bakelite. Looks just like ivory from 3 feet away..NICE stuff... The sheath is set with a 12.78 Ct Star ruby. 

The fluting on both pieces was done free hand...no layout lines... I just cut the flutes in...Been doing these for so long I can  pretty much just do it without much hassles and all...

All in all these didn't come out all that bad for an old man working out in the front yard...











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FL: I was in NV for some 30 years so....Now I am down here for the remainder...NV was getting to Californicated for me...FL is still a free state..19 April 1775..the day of The Shot Heard Around the World... We are free because of their sacrifices...


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