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I Forge Iron

On it's way to the scrap yard.

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They were posted in the tailgating section. I remember getting the notification about the upsetters. 

posts in the tailgating section are removed after a month or two so you have to periodically check on what you've posted.


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Neat guy

750 or 500 or even 250 is better than You having to take your time to load it then drive it to the the scrap yard to then wait to get unloaded and then drive home with your 100 dollars!

And these old machines wether they are a 25 # LG or a 200# bradley  are a piece of history. Maybe you don't have the time or desire to bring them back to Life  but be patient, don't take them to the scrap yard before letting some one else have the chance to use and enjoy them.   Even if you don't sell them for what YOU think they are worth!!!  

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