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Dressing up a gate


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Mr. Sooty,

How about a small gold colored globe situated at the top right of the gate, (near the pintel/hinge). And situated just to the left of the top branch's end.

It should provide contrast for the leaves and stems' shape. And set off and contrast the dark leaves and stems color. This set-up should complete a very nice composition.


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The sunlight on the white wall in the background tricked the auto white balance and exposure meter. Overcast days can be your friend when trying to get details. Sorry but no real suggestions for the gate, composition is something I mull over at a snail's pace.



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Insulators and a 220v connection for solicitors?

Jokes aside. A different variety of climbing plant/vine on the tall pickets either side of the center. Pea or bean vines offer a number of options for small interesting details. Bean pods of course but a reward for folk who take a close look at your work might be something like a caterpillar partially hidden under a leaf or behind a bean. I like including little rewards for looking closer at my work. 

Perhaps long grass blades on the shorter pickets. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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If you are not much for gardening you can make the pot holders and then forge the stuff in them.  Some copper plants can even be patinated to be nice and green and NOT need much in the way of maintenance.

If you really want to dress it up you can look over what Paley did for his Zoo Gates:

https://www.albertpaley.com/index.cfm?Page=Animals Always


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