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You may no longer be a youngster if


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You may no longer be a youngster if:

* if you know the difference between a single tree and double tree.

* if you know how to thread a block-and-tackle and then use it. Extra points is you know the mechanical advantage and how to calculate the ratio.

* if you ever used a chain hoist with the continious chain. The one that you just pulled and pulled and pulled.

* if you know what a post-hole-digger is and have used the ones without a motor.

* if you ever used an adz for it's intended purpose.

* if you ever started a motor with a loose pull rope. The one that had to be wound on the pully.

* if you ever worked a team of animals to pull something.

*if you ever worked on a straight 8 motor. (Changing oil qualifies)

Did I miss any?

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I knew I was no longer a youngster when I answered the door one day to find an RCMP officer standing there, and he said he wanted to have a chat with me,
And by chat he meant just that,
he was looking for some information of wood heat, chimneys etc.

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At a recent Civil War re-enactment, myself and a gunsmith (camped beside each other) were the " Living History" for roughly 450-500 school kids. Busload after busload. Had a blast. One young lady (about 8-9 years old) asked me " gosh mister, did you really fight in the Civil War ? "

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Straight 8's were common in Buggattis, and prior to the 50's in Buicks, Oldsmobiles and the luxury chrysler and GM cars. They had perfect primary and secondary balance and did not need a balancer and ran really smooth. You can tell a car that has a straight 8 as it has an exceptionally long hood.

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If you ever used a goosewing broad axe for its intended purpose. Fionn

If you ever used a froe for its intended purpose. T-Gold

Ok the answer to that burning question:
Set up the block and tackle. At the middle, count all the ropes and minus one. 5 ropes minus 1 is 4x advantage or a 25# pull will lift a 100# weight (less friction). Easy to figure and get close to the working load.

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I don't know how old this makes me, but I remember when $1.00 worth of gas would not fit in a 5 gallon can. now $10.00 won't even fill the same can. Them were the good old days. Sadly, right now is someday going to be somebody"s good old days. :lol:

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If you put your chewing gum on the bedpost to save it overnight. (And remember is it lost it's flavor or not)

If you remember the first time you opened a flip-top can and realized your "church key" was obsolete.

If you remember Black Jack chewing gum, Nehi orange, or Burma Shave signs.

If you remember which one was the Champaign of bottled beer.

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ARE YOU OLD WHEN Your hair falls off your head and lands in your ears and nose and the top of your shoulders??
ARE YOU OLD WHEN?? You go down the road with your fingers in your ears, jerking the hair out, so you will look a little better in church.
ARE YOU OLD WHEN?? Some one tells about you letting a team of mules run off with the mowing machine.
ARE YOU OLD WHEN?? Some one says "you remember the night, out on the 87 highway, when you trashed that flat-head V-8 ford".
ARE YOU OLD WHEN? Someone ask you if you remember the first year they come out with a WD 45 Allis Chambers tractor.
ARE YOU OLD WHEN?? You spend more money on PREPARATION H. than you do on BRYCREAM. :roll: :lol:


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  • 8 months later...

Hello everyone i'm the new guy so i figured this was a good place to say hello. And yes i have been there and done most of the things posted. But i must still be young at heart because my wife keeps telling me to grow up. Nice to meet you all i found the link here on Don Foggs forum.

Regards Bob

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If you rode the plow mule to town a few years?? ago.
If you carried buckets to the spring for water before Paw put pipes in the house.
Movies were only open on the weekend with cartoons starting at noon--$.10 admission!
If your sisters hair was done in long curls down the back.
Mom made most of our clothes.
RC cola was 6 cents for a 12 oz bottle and got a refund when you brought the bottle back.
Snifffee---anybody got a snot rag??

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If you remember having to go "outback" to the two seater to answer the call of nature. Then you build a new one 35 years later just for the memories and use it on a regular basis. :lol:

If you can remember when phones actually had dials and you used to have a two or three ring party line. :roll:

If your harley only has a kicker and you know how to repair/rebuild it yourself. :?

Never have plowed with horses so I'm still in the middle somewhere. :wink:


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Sandpile, "Little dab'l do ya "! :P OK, here goes..in 1970 I was in boot camp. The tavern and grocery store ( in the small town I grew up near )both had outdoor privvies. The town guys I met while in Boot couldn't believe where I came from. Rollin cigarettes was a skill that was needed. I know this makes me a young guy compared to some of you folks. I do know that the old ways have blessed me. I remember the blacksmith shop having a hit and miss motor to power the small line shaft that ran the forge blower and grinder. Although I grew up with the electric lights and indoor plumbin at home, I do remember crank telephones and Mrs Stewart being the operator in town. The Jones family still farmed with mules..I could go on....

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