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    BP0162 Water Can

    OK Mark, I guess some other color would work :)
  2. I took the two week into to bladesmithing class in Feb. I had never tried to forge a blade and I don't know anyone who could show me how. For me, it was worth every penny.
  3. Try this: Take a piece of stock four times longer than the pieces you have been using. Heat and bend it in the middle into a "U" Make sure the bottom of the "U" is tight together. Then, heat the middle of each "leg" and bend the cut end of each "leg" back on itself to the bottom of the "U" Tighten the bends up so the pieces are as close as can be. This should give you a bundle of four pieces all held together. It is a lot easier to hold onto and weld. Hope this helps.
  4. Thank you for showing us your beautiful work.
  5. Thank you for letting us look at these formulas.
  6. Thank you for posting the photographs, Mr. Hofi.
  7. Like Marc, I have the cordless handsets with the intercom in the shop and house.
  8. Ainslee, her family and the doctors are on my prayer list.
  9. I am laughing so hard that I am crying! Richard, you might want to cut back just a little on your meds - or up the dose just a little. That was great.
  10. I vote for Clinker. My dog training book says a dog's name should be two syllables and not a common, household word. Also, it will sure give you a chance to talk about blacksmithing every time you have to explain the name.
  11. I am sorry for your loss, but I am glad your Mother has found peace. I will remember your family in my prayers.
  12. Thomas, I understand what you are saying. I fell at home one time and my health insurance company made me fill out a form stating that I was hurt on my own property. They wanted to make sure there was no one else they could make pay. My friend and I will just have to make sure we get hurt at our own home. mcraigl, I asked my husband again and he said the insurance on my shop is building only, no contents. He said we would not be able to afford the insurance on all of it. We have more money in the shop than we have in the tools.
  13. Mine is a hobby shop. I just went through an "inspection" by my insurance agent because we had a hail storm and when the adjuster found out I had a forge, he must have said something about it to the insurance company. When we built the shop, seven years ago, we added it to our homeowner's policy. I think it costs $200-$300 a year extra. They never asked what we were doing in there, and I don't think the local agent cared. We told them it was a hobby shop. The agent came two weeks ago and checked it out and they renewed our policy with no change and no increase in price. He checked for fire extinguishers, the size of my forge, what type of stack went through the roof, where I stored my extra coal, and wanted to know if my forge had been installed by (his words) a professional forge installer. I almost fell out when he asked that one. I have a triple wall stainless stack and DID have it installed by a pro. So... 3. I have a gasser. 7. I have three fire extinguishers, I bought them at the hardware store. They still show to be charged. 12. I am covered by homeowners. 13. I got the feeling that, if they found out I sold anything I make, they would drop me very fast. 14. My coverage is just on the building, not my tools. 16. Two times, I have had a friend work in my shop and I have worked in his. We have talked about what would happen if one of us got hurt and agreed to each pay our on bills. I trust him. If I am in my shop, and someone comes in, I shut down and talk to them on the "cold end" or go in the house.
  14. Drive safely. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. Leah

    Ecart's Dad

    Ecart, I am sorry to hear about your father. I lost my father a little over a year ago and I can tell you that it will get better. I still miss daddy and, once in a while, I catch myself reaching for the phone to call and ask him a question. Then, I smile and remember that he is not sick anymore.
  16. Pete and Mark, Bob, my spoiled dog, does love to find crawfish heads a few days after we cook some up. Makes for some really nice puppy kisses.
  17. Leah

    New Dad

    That is great, Mylore. From what I have heard, you need to go to bed NOW and sleep till they come home from the hospital. After that, no more sleep, ever.
  18. Leah

    Ed Ash in Hospital

    Bless his heart. Prayers are on the way for him.
  19. I have a gasser that I may have used 4 times in as many years. I kept the windows open when running it. I do not have a CO detector. Do you need one if all you burn is coal?
  20. I live in Louisiana, so, like pete, I MIGHT have to wear a long sleeve shirt till I get the fire going and start hammering.
  21. What a great looking shop. That place looks big enough to live in.
  22. No matter how ya spell it, that is a great piece. Thanks for letting us look.
  23. Eagle, In blueprint #313, the hooks that hold the curtain rod up could be made longer in the straight part, so the hole to put the screw through and the little pig tail are further apart. Then, you could make a flower something like the one in blueprint #1005, and put the screw through the center of the flower and the hook. Or, look at blueprints #455 and #401. You could make a rose or a leaf (you don't have to use a railroad spike, just use round our square stock and make a pig tail on the end) and make a hook from the stem. Don't worry if you can't get a screw into the center of the rose, you can widen out the stem just under the rose and drill a hole in it there. We would LOVE to see pictures when you get it made.