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You may no longer be a youngster if


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You may no longer be a youngster if you know how to do anything without using a computer.
you may not be a youngster if you remember the good old days when you could deal with crooked politicians by tarring and feathering them, tying them to an inner tube, and setting them adrift in the river.

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You remember working with large pieces of paper that were blue with white lines on them, and called blueprints.

How about the nice amonia smell of the developer when making blueprints from the velum originals. Mmmm, fresh blueprints :P

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I've made a heap of rotolight copies of drilling logs in my mudlogging unit using a leroi lettering set to write them too.

I wasn't born out of my time---if it wasn't for modern medicine I'd have probably died several times by now! (first time at 2!).

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"Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? Heh heh heh. The Shadow does!"

I tell people when I use my ol' post hole digger that I've earned my PhD.

When you mention Gary Cooper or Cary Grant, you get vacuous stares from everyone.

I have a chain hoist that I use. We call it a "chain fall."

One childhood chore was to go down the basement and shake the clean-out grate of the big coal furnace; then, shovel the clinker and ash into a hod for disposal.

Playing marbles after school till you almost missed supper.

Using a two man saw with my dad. He would yell "Pull, don't push!"

Having a "Victory Garden," using food and gasoline ration stamps, and contributing to an iron scrap pile for "The War Effort" during WW II.

Snapped the chalk lines and squared up logs by scoring with a felling axe and finishing with a broad axe.

When kerosene was called coal oil and a scriber, a scratch awl.

In an antique mall, it takes an inordinate amount of time to find the antiques.

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Realy got older when a young lady offered her seat in the subway.
That's not so bad.
You could survive, you could argue, maybe.
However, I thanked her and sat down.
And then I worried...
And this happened a few years back...

And I rode on an Indian motorbike, when it was new!

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I know I'm young because I'm the one being quizzed on what IS hanging up in Cracker Barrel...... My Grandfather who just passed recently said a good one that aged him. "Man I haven't seen a blacksmith work since I was a boy." He remembered the town smith for Eden, NC.... :)

Thats a great story but i just have to ask is your family from Eden i lived in Camden near Elizabeth city not long ago, anyways just satisfying my curiosity.

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You may no longer be a youngster if:
You know why there are two blades on a double bit ax, what they are used for, and used them,
Know the difference between a spade and a shovel.
Have ever dug a 1/8 acre garden with a spading fork.
Helped can vegetables from the garden because if you didn't there would be none during the winter.
Wound the starter spring on the lawnmower with a hand crank.
Had to cut a 1/4 acre with a weed whip because you didn't get it mowed before it got to tall.

I have also done most of the other things mentioned previously.

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Scythe is much more effective than a weed whip and can deal with bigger weeds too! Of course I last used one on the lawn about 2 years ago; don't need to be very old for that! (and boy did I hate that hand crank lawn mower starter we had in the 1960's!)

No joy on the lawn mower, but I have hand cranked an engine before, a diesel BMW 1 lung 6hp auxiliary on a sailboat I used to race on. It was "temperamental" which is short for "not serviced regularly" and one year we got very good at docking under sail.

"Its a diesel, there is NOTHING to go wrong with it!" Right skipper, you still need to do PM on it at least annually.

I am ordering a new scythe for spring. I use one for around the house and landscaping because it is quicker and more efficient that the gas weed whip, and I don't need hearing protection. It also allows me to get under plants and shrubs without risk of damage to the good plants.

I want to see if the Austrian pattern scythes (probably a "ditch blade" for me) are in fact more efficient than American pattern blades...

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