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    Knifemaking both forged and stock removal.Family,Hunting, Fishing and dogs


  • Location
    Renfrew,Ontario in the heart of the Ottawa Valley
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    Hunting,Fishing,Knifemaking and starting to do a little blacksmithing
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  1. You can get f.c pretty much anywhere in the world from these guys just used the store locator. Here is the ones for Alabama. http://www.mgchemica...tors_us_al.html
  2. Thanks for the kind words folks! I will give you the lowdown on how i did the hamon probably sat. when i have more time. Cheers Bob
  3. I have not posted any knives for a while so i thought i would show this one. The W2 blade is 5 1/2" to the guard and 1 1/4 wide with an o.a.l. of 10 5/8" with a 416 s.s. guard and stabilized redwood burl handle. Thanks for looking and your comments. Cheers Bob p.s. I know someone is going to ask why the pin is so high, :o the answer is there are two if you look close the lower pin is there it just does not show up well in the photo
  4. Thanks Phil I did order and receive one a while ago but the print was so small i needed a magnifying glass to read it! Bob
  5. Not sure what it is for but the top laminate looks like a piece of original westinghouse micarta and it would not make a good strop.
  6. The big bandsaw blades like 6" wide and bigger are all made by the same company and all that i have heard of being tested the results came back as 15n20. The smaller ones for portable bandsaws i am not sure of. Bob
  7. Owen i make knives in my spare time and that is only my opinion and standards for my own work.I have no problem with what anyone else wants to do, you are right on if that's how you make your living and that's what you want to do. But to me a knife is a tool first art second. Bob
  8. I have made many blades that i know will never be used at least by there current owners but every blade i make is capable of being used if the owner so desires. What happens to them after they are delivered to the customer is out of our control. I only make usable knives and feel that if it cannot be used it is not realy a knife. Bob
  9. The lumber was all 1 1/2" x 6" tounge and groove douglas fur and it is cleaned stacked and covered. Thanks Bob
  10. We had a wicked wind storm here on Thursday and my nephews old wooden silo fell for mother nature. We tore it apart yesterday and all this 5/8" wrought iron followed me home. It was sad to see the old girl laying on the ground but happy no one was hurt his two boys that usualy are playing where it fell were at the babysitters house. Bob
  11. I am sure you will find all the info you need here. http://www.americanbladesmith.com/ipboard/ Bob
  12. Any steel that is hardened needs to be tempered untempered tools do not last long! Bob
  13. Thanks for the info fellas i spent half the day on the phone and ended up getting these folks to order me in some from there suppier. It is the same price but without the shipping from p.s.h. so anyone close to Ottawa you can order ITC-100 here http://www.capitalpotterysupplies.com/ Bob Edited to add they also carry soft 2300f fire brick and 2300f insulating wool i'm not sure the brand name.
  14. Can anyone tell me if there is a suppier for itc-100 in Ontario. I am building a new propane forge and need a supplier. Thanks Bob
  15. Thanks for commenting folks! Bill be sure and show us what you come up with. Bob
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