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Hammer handle ?'s

Benona  blacksmith

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I was really hoping to just buy a handle. I work a lot and what spare time I have I wanna be hammering instead of making a handle. I do have access to some black locust but like I said I really wanna just buy one. If I was left to have to make a handle it would just sit around and I would never get to it 

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Unless you're talking mass production by a company that's making these by the thousand (and therefore can afford to have handles and heads made to the same shape), fitting a new handle is always going to involve some degree of fettling.

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There probably is a "plug and play" solution for that handle configuration; however it make several times as long and involve a long wait for shipping to discover it and get it to you.  Take it to a good Mom and Pop hardware and get the closest they have and use your farrier's rasp to adjust it to fit!

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There is a thread,  (probably many threads),  that discusses handle configuration  (shape),  in great depth.

Frosty's distinct hammer style was discussed at length in that thread.

Perhaps someone on this site can help me to dig it out. (I've got A.D.H.D.  which makes mucking through a lot of data a real chore,  requiring great energy and effort, Sorry about that.),

I use the following tools for shaping hammer handles.  A draw knife , &  sometimes a Japanese saw rasp, a course file, sand paper, linseed oil.

You can do most of it by, only, using a knife.

Using those tools,  I make short work of tool handling for a custom hammer etc. ...



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