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  1. So Cal Dave

    XXL coil springs, usefull ?

    OMG, run as fast as you can , (really take a vehicle), and get as much as you can. You never know during the next 5 to 10 years what might come up or which friend may need exactly what you have. Get as many different sizes that they have and of course try to salvage the newest once they have. You will learn a lot about how these metals forge and what you can make with them. Are they Free? If so, that is even better. Good luck.
  2. So Cal Dave

    japanese blackening

    I believe Sculpt Noveau has different chemicals to give metal a patina.
  3. So Cal Dave

    Forging a hand

    Something like this? It gives the impression of a hand.
  4. So Cal Dave

    What did you do in the shop today?

    What I did in my shop? I practiced. First, I had some 5/16 X 3/4 bar stock that I had practiced making a horseshoe . I decided to finish it by making a bar shoe. I hockey sticked the two ends and forged a scarf on both ends. Not a good scarf but I thought it would work. Heated to red and applied the flux, (mountain flux). Gentle taps in the beginning. Three welding passes and when I was working on the inside of the bar, it came apart. I used my one burner NC gas forge and had the forge heating up for 45 min before my attempt. Needless to say, it didn't forge weld. So, I heated up some 5/16 round stock 8 inch long and upset or bumped up the middle for practice. I then flattened the 8 inches just to take out my frustration. It worked. I feel better. It has been around one year since I tried forge welding straight bar stock so I'm not really bummed. I still enjoyed pounding on the metal. The world is good.
  5. So Cal Dave

    Water fountain

    First choice: powder coating - expensive Second: marine paint and primer. Third: Use automotive paint and primer with a top clear coating. Good luck