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  1. You can always check out blacksmithparadise and have a really nice vintage anvil shipped to the states for $500 flat rate shipping for a pallet up to 1000#'s and he even has an anvil over 1000#s so it is possible to reach your weight with one purchase but he will combine purchases on a pallet up to your max weight.
  2. I just realized in that link was the link to the other forum about the design. Jerrod Miller is now the lead metalergist at the foundry where rhino anvils are made (not the foundry these were cast).
  3. There is the FULL story of how the anvil(s) came to be on "another" forum. All the way down to the design and the alloy choice.
  4. Looks like a big round punch used under a big steam hammer.
  5. Here is the hammer I made at the hammer making class that Daniel Moss and James Davis put on before Quad State.
  6. Here is my first attempt at making my own flux. This ended up a little heavier on the cast iron so I might mix a pinch more borax. I will try it out on a little hatchet that just wouldn't weld at the eye. The bit welded just fine and so did behind it by the eye until I went to do my final drifting and it popped open. We will see if I can get it to stick if not then it will go in the scrap pile and i will start a new one.
  7. Vulcan anvils were cast upside down with a 2 part flask that went over the pre heated stee face. This particular one the top part of the mold (bottom of the anvil) got shifted and didnt line up properly it's still one piece but just looks funny. It should be perfectly fine to use as is. That's if it made it to the heat treat process. What is the rebound?
  8. Sorry for the long absence I've had a lot going on in my life. I have located an old sprayer tank that will be turned into a charcoal kiln if all goes well. I'm hoping to get it this weekend.
  9. Maybe I will make a "replica" with this vise jaw.
  10. I understand what you're saying. Maybe I will make one with part of this post vise I have and donate that for there display. Maybe I will make a wrapped eye axe to go with it.
  11. Hmmmmm.......very good point. So do a little forging to clean it up an make it look like its in "current use" or "ready to trade"
  12. The thought did cross my mind but I bought a pivoting post vise jaw that has a nice wrought iron section that would be good for a hammer and I think I'm going to do that and leave this the way it is. It is a really cool piece and it is a bit light for doing any real forging. Its probably a little over a pound and a 1/4.
  13. Found this at an old barn that a guy sells antiques out of. Paid $2 USD. I plan on making a handle for it and trying to "age" the handle so it looks roughly the same time period and donating it to a local "museum" that has all kinds of local history items and the have a really cool traders tent this would fit right in with the other displays.
  14. I like them. In fact I like all your tongs....there definitely my favorite on my tong rack!!!