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  1. Benona  blacksmith

    hardening fire strikers

    Here is sparks from some 1095 I had laying around. This is what your looking for.
  2. Honestly the only thing I have used rebar for is in concrete and a few times to weld handles on a billet but it is quite rough to hold onto for extended periods of time without gloves.
  3. So I followed up with my friend that is a metallurgist and he has confirmed that rebar is really tightly controlled here in the United states and it would be impossible for an alloy and carbon content to change within inches let alone within an entire pour. So in all.... what the spec sheet says you can count on the entire batch to have those specifications and properties.
  4. This is what sparked my interest. I have read this so many times I wanna know if it is really true. I talked with a metallurgist not too long ago and he told me that rebar has WAY closer tolerances than people give it credit for. It's not just melted and poured and hope for the best. Also a foundry keeps records for pretty much forever because when a bridge or building or other concrete structure fails the first thing that is looked at is the rebar and its properties. We have an opportunity to see rebar spec sheets and evaluate it...... I want to take advantage and see for myself.
  5. Benona  blacksmith

    Knife makers in whom you look up to or strive to mimic

    Salem Straub, Gary Mulkey, Owen Bush, Ric Furrer
  6. Benona  blacksmith

    Tong ID help
  7. May I ask one more thing? Would it be possible to get some spec sheets from a couple more batches as your work receives them so we can do some comparative research to see how close of tolerances rebar has?
  8. Awesome....thank you!!!
  9. As in a rebar manufacturing plant? If so can you find out specs on the rebar?
  10. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    The simplest way would use one of the hammer handles I already have but thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it.
  11. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    Thank you! I will read through it. After digging through my box of hammer handles I found this. I think I can make this work with minimal time. I wonder what it was made for. Any ideas?
  12. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I will dig through the handles I have and see what I can come up with. Thank you for the help and suggestions. I would like to see the thread you talk about. If anyone could find it I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I have a box of hammer handles. I was thinking there was a handle out there that was already set up for a round eye.
  14. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I was really hoping to just buy a handle. I work a lot and what spare time I have I wanna be hammering instead of making a handle. I do have access to some black locust but like I said I really wanna just buy one. If I was left to have to make a handle it would just sit around and I would never get to it