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  1. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    The simplest way would use one of the hammer handles I already have but thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it.
  2. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    Thank you! I will read through it. After digging through my box of hammer handles I found this. I think I can make this work with minimal time. I wonder what it was made for. Any ideas?
  3. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I will dig through the handles I have and see what I can come up with. Thank you for the help and suggestions. I would like to see the thread you talk about. If anyone could find it I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I have a box of hammer handles. I was thinking there was a handle out there that was already set up for a round eye.
  5. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I was really hoping to just buy a handle. I work a lot and what spare time I have I wanna be hammering instead of making a handle. I do have access to some black locust but like I said I really wanna just buy one. If I was left to have to make a handle it would just sit around and I would never get to it
  6. Benona  blacksmith

    Hammer handle ?'s

    I found this hammer in a box of garage stuff my friend gave me and I need to find a handle for it. Would anyone know where I could get a handle like this?
  7. Benona  blacksmith

    Inherited Anvil

    Looks like a Vulcan
  8. Benona  blacksmith

    First forge weld/Fire poker attempt

    If your NOT running a reducing atmosphere you are going to want to flux before a yellow heat because scale will have already formed between the pieces you are trying to weld.
  9. I'm in the same predicament....only my block of steel is 3000#.
  10. How much air supply do you have at you disposal? With an anvil that heavy you could easily go with a little bigger cylinder and tup. But a bigger cylinder means you need more air. Just a thought I figured I would throw out there.
  11. Benona  blacksmith

    Need help with anvil identification

    Should be around 156#
  12. Benona  blacksmith

    1904 blacksmiths shop

    There is 2 forman's....they look like twins. Look at the guy swinging the little ball peen hammer at the giant bracket that was mentioned. Look between his head and the hammer.
  13. Benona  blacksmith

    1904 blacksmiths shop

    There is a small french pig style anvil in there too.
  14. Benona  blacksmith

    1904 blacksmiths shop

    I see a big helve hammer in the back to the right of the door. Really cool picture and the picture on the website is incredibly clear!!! Thanks for sharing.