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  1. Yes I have other uses for the charcoal like making orishigane and when I get up north to get ore I will be making bloomery iron. Not to mention charcoal for the grill and charcoal dust for mine and my buddy's garden.
  2. Anachronist58 has an avatar photo that shows what I wanna build.
  3. I looked into it and it doesn't look like it would produce enough charcoal to meet my needs.i like the idea. I will find a picture of what I wanna build.
  4. Also I should mention with the barrel in the barrel method I'm am averaging about 75% yield but only 30 gallons at a time.
  5. I really wanna make mass quantities of charcoal. I have a large 100 gallon tank I'm thinking of making a retort. I want something I can capture the gas and feed it into a burn chamber. I have seen someone's avatar on here that is exactly what I'm looking to build. I will search and see if I can find who it is.
  6. Thank you. Note to mods. Sorry and thank you for moving this to the correct subforum. I did a quick search and didnt see this one so I figured general discussion was a good second choice.
  7. So how do you make charcoal? Right now I'm using the barrel in the barrel method. I wanna make it In larger quantities. Any tips or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This particular one will be used for forging the bevels on draw knives. I'm also going to make a rivet header and a few stake anvils that will get wedged into the dovetail. I'm also going to make a hardie tool that will hold the reigns of tongs at an equal height for use with the rivet header.
  9. First of many. Thi piece started off as a piece of forklift tine.
  10. Could be a military I'd badge. I've seen german anvils with them.
  11. Looks like a John Brooks to me. Definitely not a cast iron fake!!!!!!!
  12. In grinding the blade and there isnt one delamination. Even the one spot I had to coax this back together with the 1084 powder and borax. I didnt use flux in making the initial billet because it is canister Damascus but it worked to pull it back together. Now it's time to experiment with cast iron.
  13. I was working with a damascus billet today and had a delamination pop out. So I sprinkled a little borax on it and a pinch of 1084 fine mesh powder steel and it got it to weld back together. Well maybe I should say I might have gotten it to weld back together. I'm going to grind the blade tomorrow and we will see if it shows up. It might just be chance or maybe the powder steel helped? I'm going to drill a bunch of cast iron swarf and mix up a batch of ''special flux'' after I'm done with this blade.