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  1. This piece started as a ¾ inch piece maybe 6 inches long and upset it into a small billet. I had to keep forge welding it back together as it split. I believe the swirling in the pattern is because it was upset instead of cutting and stacking. Thank you for your reply CGL
  2. Small wrought iron hammer with a steel file face welded on.
  3. Here is a picture of my first attempt at a ball peen hammer. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. Harris is your best option. I cant reccomend any other brands as I have no other experience with other brands. Harris is top of the line so should be considered!
  5. Its 31 inches long not including the tang and only weighs 28.2 ounces and still needs the bevels and fuller ground in.
  6. Here is one of them. I will add more as I find them again.
  7. They were forging this shape way before casting them!!! I can find photos of forged ones If you would like?
  8. What make you think I'm a beginner frosty!?!?!
  9. New sword started from forklift fork. The railroad track moved way easier under the hammer. It's a bit longer now than what the picture shows. This time starting billet was 2 lbs instead of 3
  10. here is an update. Fuller ground forge redesigned to run in the vertical position. A tempering oven almost finished. And my quench tank made and extended. I quenched it and did an oil temper and decided there were some things I really didnt like. Fullers off and one fuller kinda wandered back and forth. Every effort to fix it made it worse. The plastic bottom wheel on my 2x72 caused some bumping and jumping. So I stress tested it. Took a lot to snap it. Here is the grain Moderators what is an appropriate size for photos?
  11. Free hand grinding isn't easy to do on the bottom idler wheel but I managed to get a pretty straight fuller rough ground in. Dropped the weight to 39.5 oz and a lot more grinding is to be done.