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Please Keep us in your Thoughts and Prayers


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Hello, it has been a trying few months, and things are about to continue to be difficult for the next year.

Bottom Line is that I can not discuss the specifics on this Public Venue, but I have decided to relocate temporarily (nine months to a year)  to Santa Barbara County.

So, my Iforgeiron family, I am asking for your Thoughts, Prayers, and Intentions, as I continue to make difficult choices and am away from my Spouse and my Kids (and the Cat, and the forge) for much longer periods than suits my passion.

It was my intention to head North from San Diego and try to find work in this locale. Fortunately, a well-paying job was offered, which I have accepted. There is an anvil, a vise, and a hammer chained up in the back of the truck, which will prove to be a great help moving forward. I do a lot of cold work, and those skills are not obsolete, even in a 21st Century Aerospace Plant. Those of you in the know, are not surprised.

This Forum (You People) is/are an anchor and an inspiration for me, and I express my Gratitude to all who make this possible. This Memorial Day feels a bit more solemn than usual, as we honor those who gave all.

Robert and Sheila Taylor

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All the best in your new job. 

Chained up keeps it from moving in the truck, a lock keeps it in the truck. Move everything inside until it is needed.

If you need to be mobile, you may want to slide the vise behind the seat and cover it,  and the hammer under the seat, out of sight. 

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You are of course in my thoughts and prayers, I may not always recall you and Sheila by name at every Sunday service but you're there. God doesn't need a name to identify the ones for whom I ask blessings.  Nor do I need a church, Pastor or day of the week to ask blessings.

Frosty The Lucky.

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