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What does a grandfather do when a grandson wants to make a knife


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full disclosure, not forged- stock removal.

Zander- age 9.  wanted to make a knife.  told him I didn't know enough yet to make a knife.  He said couldn't we just cut and grind away on a piece of steel to make a knife.  I told him many do.  It reminded me of the story of the sculptor who said of the block of marble, chisel away everything that doesn't look like your model.  anyway, I had a piece of tool steel and we were off and running.  4 days, an hour or two each day.  Zander wanted to replicate a bushcraft knife I have.   Never mind that the stock I have is too short and too thick.  these details seemed unimportant to him.  Anyway, we finished it today and though I'd have liked to take it further, he likes it where it is.  






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Really has an effect on the self esteem when a 9 year old makes a better first knife than I did :o:lol:.

Seriously though, that is soooo cool. Kids need to learn the value of working with their hands. Good on you for letting him and helping him. 

Like Frosty said, hes going to be telling HIS grandkids about that knife. 


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Thanks everyone.  I know that a few of my fondest memories are of times spent with my grandfather Clyde Skiles.  He did things with me as well and those times imprinted on me.  I hope that the experience here and others stand the test of time.  It was very rewarding for me as well.  



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